Monday, December 27, 2010

Old Skoolz MTV

Well, about 4 weeks ago our teacher (Miss Garden) gave us a task to make an MTV. We had to first get in to a group of 3,4 or 5. My group was called the OLD SKOOLZ! In my group was Selena, Ala and Sylvia. Here is our movie and I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joshua's 2010 Reflection

My reflection for 2010, this year, is that it was AWESOME!!!. It was one of those BIG ones. These were some of the highlights:

For example I breezed past my elearning task about Mighty Mariners and got
30/30! I couldn’t believe it. Usually in my previous animations I would
get 20 marks and under. It was like a miracle from Heaven!

Another subject I enjoyed was Maths. Some worksheets were quite challenging to
test my skills, but thankfully I used some strategies that Miss Garden
taught me. When our maths test came, I was up for this AWESOME
challenge. I was looking at acing this exam.

In writing , I have made lot’s of impact but I still need to limit the repetition in my writing.
That is one of the things that let’s me down sometimes. This year has been
“THE WRITING CLASS, for me so that’s what makes me good at it.

Like I said before, this year has been AWESOME and quite CHALLENGING in some
areas. I wonder what is going to bring us next year in Pt England year
7? Remember that STUDYING and WORKING hard is the key to success.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mubasshira's 2010 Reflection

This year (2010) has been very complicated but, in a very entertaining way. Do you want to know how? Well, this is because I had so much fun even though some things were very tricky. I am going to tell you, how things were very complicated for me!

Firstly, I would like to tell you about writing, this is because whenever Miss Garden used to talk about writing, I would need a lot of time to think about what I need to write to make a good text. This is because I wanted my writing to be amazing. Overall I think that I had a lot of fun and a lot of laughter during this subject.

Secondly, I think that one of the subjects, I needed a lot of motivation in was maths. This is because I think that I needed quite a bit of time to think about different strategies. You see, all the other kids in my group would find strategies 5x faster then me. Maths was a really cool subject, because sometimes I even thought that I could have been a very good ‘Mathlete’.

One of the other things I think that were pretty elaborate for me was presenting. This was fun AND tricky because, at times I would have fun thinking that I was going to present to a very honoured person. When the time came to present, it was quite nerve-racking because Mrs Burt had told the presenters to do their best and then we just made a mistake. For presenting I would give it a 10 out of 10.

So these were a bit of the things, that I thought were quite complicating and fun at the same time. I hope I have a awesome year next year and it is better then this one. Then I would have double the fun and double the laughter AND not so much of a challenging time.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Camp Bentzon Abseiling

"Ahhhh, the good old Abseiling activity, but for some, this should be designed for the con-course, Because it is a bit of De Jah Vu of fears.”. In just a few moments I was selected to take on this Monster first. With tons of experience in my back pocket of Abseiling I was, in the space of a minute at the top and ready for battle!!!
I can tell you that there was an AMAZING view of the Ocean. But that was shortly experienced for me as Camilla, ( The second instructor ) ordered me to face her. This was only so I could get this over and done with. I was honestly starting to stress when my shoes didn’t find any grip on the wall. But I overcame this and was enjoying myself. And no sooner I was halfway an ready to jump the rest of the way.

Enjoying Myself was my task for the day, and that I was. I didn’t even need to pace myself while I was jumping the rest of the way. I had reached the bottom of the Wall and all I had thought was, “ Can I do it again???” There was hardly anything holding me back as I had the Urge to do it again. “ABSEILING

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life or Death - a bit of both!

Abseiling was a VERY difficult task. I stared at the ground trembling in fear. It must have been obvious because the Nicole (The instructor) said “ Little Missy, I think you can go first,” I stared at the ground in disbelief. I had never abseiled in my life! And I certainly did not want to start now. “Come on. Just slip this on and then I’ll get your helmet,” the instructor informed. “Are you okay?” she asked. I stood there for a moment, shaking like a chihuahua. “Yeah. F-f-fine thanks.” I stammered.

My hands gripped around the metal bars tightly. I couldn’t feel my legs. Which was a very bad coincidince. You see, doing something I’ve never done before, then having to climb 15 metres high, and THEN getting stuck because the other instructor wasn’t paying attention, isn’t my exact idea of trying something new and it being fun.

Thankfully, I made it to the top without collapsing. I had just held back my tears. Fortunately there were lots of people, so it would’ve been pretty embarrassing to be crying. I mean, this was a piece of cake. A pretty stale piece of cake though. I took baby steps backwards. I then looked down and gulped. “Kay!,”The instructor called out “Sweetie you don’t need to look down.” I gently released the rope. “Aaaaahhh!!!” I screamed - in my mind.

After a few more mind screams, I was there. I wanted to go again.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Bombing off the Wharf at Camp Bentzon

It was the second day of our camp and we had been tremendously tired from our adventures,until the favourite event by far was about to happen happen. The wonderful day of,BOMBING OF THE WHARF AT KAWAU ISLAND!!!It was heaps of fun. All of my friends were laughing but bombing at the same time. Everyone enjoyed the time that they had bombing and swimming. It was like a favourite thing to do.
But now that we have gone back to school,I wish that we had not left in the first place. That place is AWESOME!!!I cannot wait to go back to Kawau Island,well hopefully I do

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spiders - How Big Is Big?

Do you know how big a tarantula can get?
It can grow up to the size of your dinner plate.Did you know that the tarantula's bite is not that dangerous,its no worse than a bee sting,unless your allergic

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Earwigs in Your Ear!!

How do you think Earwigs got their name?
Well this is what my movie is about. Eww!!!Do you think it is grouse?
If you like, you could leave a comment.
By Joshua.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

An Amazing Little Critter

Do you Know what Centipedes eat?
Don't Know and you want to find out?
Then why don't you check out my lovely movie and see what the answer is.
Good luck

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mini-beast Quiz

Hello Everybody, our teacher had given us a little challenge, she gave us a piece of paper and it said what insect we had to draw and animate, even harder I knew nothing about my insect! Also we had to make up a question that was the hardest part.So here I have a little quiz with the answer at the end and also I have made an animation to with the quiz as well. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Little Bother (I mean brother)

"Toreka!" yelled my little brother,"Mum wants you!"
"Wait!" I shouted back, "Tell Mum that I'm writing an email." I could see my brother run in to my parents' room and then back out.
"She still wants you." he said ,"NOW!!"

Oh no, my pen pal would have to wait. I ran to my mum's room as fast as I could.

Hopefully she wouldn't make me do something extremely painful, like clean my room or do chores. "What are you doing?" she said firmly.
"I-I-I-I'm on the computer." I stammered. Shivers slithered up my spine.

"Clean your room!!" she yelled. Clean my room??? If you've been in my room with out an invitation, you'd understand what I'm talking about.

With out a word I put one foot after the other. "Why?!" I groaned. I opened up my door and my younger brother stood there mocking me saying, "Why?" in a high sarcastic voice. Normally, I'd laugh. But today I couldn't be bothered. "Get ouuuuuut" I moaned. "Fine" he said "But I'm taking this." And just like that, he took my jewellery box, ran to his room, and slammed the door. I put my head against his door, I could make out the words he said, " Oooo, Look at me, I'm a girl."

Angrily, I pushed open his door to find everything of mine on the ground. That was the last straw. I was about to tackle him when he held out his arms and said " W-w-wait!!! Mummy wants you!!" Typical. I went to her and told me to clean up my mess from HIS room. I went back to him he whispered, "Just joking."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Totara Springs Camp

In the holidays I went to Totara Springs kids camp. Me and my friends have been waiting a long time for this . We went on Monday the 27Th of September.

As soon as we got there we rushed out of the Robbie bus. That's the bus name . When we got out we run off and started playing games. First we had to get our bags. Then we went to see our room it was big, not that big but it was nice. Were got to pick where we would sleep. So we made our beds. I was sleeping next’s to my best friend Athena.

After that we went to go and play games. The games that we got to pick was out of shooting ,golfing, bikes and .flying fox. They were all fun but I picked shooting at a target. As soon as I went to where we were going to do our shooting. I saw 2 guns and a man called Andrew standing there. I was shocked and happy at the same time. I was the 2ND one there,but first to shot the gun.

As soon as we finished playing our games, we got told that we were going to the pool hydro-slide. We were so happy. Our group ran to our room and got changed. We ran down to the hydro-slide to be first, but as soon as we got there we had to wait for leaders. So we did. 5 minters later. Ya they are coming. Then the gates opened and we ran down the steps. When the water started running we had to wait about 20 or 30 seconds. Everyone waited and waited. Then she said we could go down. It was a lot of fun. Our group was first in but last out.

After the hydro-slide we all raced to our room to get some dry clothes on. When we finished getting changed, our lunch call came out. We put our shoes on and walked over to the dinning room.

Well we all had a fun time at camp. If you ever get a chance to go to Totara Springs go you will have a lot of fun.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preparing For White Sunday

Preparing for White Sunday wasn't what I had in mind for the holidays.

As I reflected back on to the previous White Sunday (which we call colourful Sunday)not good. I mean 2 hours of practice on a daily basis, not the thing you would want to experience. If you are wondering why then you should read more of my story.

After an exhausting practice for 2 hours a feeling weakness began to spread through my body. My legs were straining like I just crossed the finish line of the Cross Country and my arms were dangling down the chair I was sitting on.

I had, had enough of this torturing practice. Every day I get up and I feel reluctant to get ready. I had to stop this nonsense or I'll be a flat pancake because I had been practicing for 8 days now!

After practicing on the 8th of October I learned that moaning wouldn't do any good or schedule practice on another day. I was told that by our church senior pastor.

Okay so I learned not to moan the hard way.I should of told my tutor how I felt about having practices daily.I actually felt selfish at that moment thinking of everything bad I had done. Next time I should think before I say".

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Freaky Jungle Walk at Camp

SWISH!SWISH! As the wind was blowing my hair the jungle went SILENT! The trees swayed side to side as my shoes smushed in to the gooey, slimy mud!! “Err “ I said shaking like an earthquake!! It was the third night of Totara Springs camp!!

“H-H-hey!” I stammered, patting Thearesa’s shoulder! “ I think I saw something” I said . “W-W-What was it” she replied , shaking me like a vibrating phone! We both briskly looked in front of us until......... “Aaaaa!!” an ugly, wild gorilla scared us!! My heart felt like it was about to STOP!! “This was a bad idea” I murmered.

As my eyes started to clog up with tears, I could hear the dew drops falling to the ground. “Come on girls!” Cara ( Our leader ) said. “ We can’t stop NOW!” Unexpectedly the rope started to quiver!! But that wasn’t all. The foot steps off someones shoes started to get closer and closer. “OMG! Who's that?” Thearesa exclaimed.

“ Arrrrgggghhhh!” we screamed , getting water blasted in my face. By then my eyes started to get bigger and bigger as we got closer to the end!DROP!DROP! I started to freeze up like an slippery ice-cube! “ Im freezing!!” I said as we walked up the unseen stairs!

“Oga Boga!” I heard, as the lights were expanding! The tribe were teaching the kids songs that they had sung many years ago. I had thought!” WHERE HERE!!!” I heard Cara scream ! Thearesa had finally let me go QUICKLY getting a nicProxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

HOT chocolate and a chocolate biscuit!

At the end of it all I thought that going through the jungle was an experience. Even though some people weren’t wanting to do it, they still took part! I was So relieved that I had got through it!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


This term I have been learning about the Titanic. Here is a movie of what I have learned. ENJOY

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fia Fia animation

This year we have a Fiafia and the group I am in is called MTV. Our group is really cool because we can draw lots of cool stuff on the computer. We are using a song called Never Say Never. The part I have done is the Kobe Bryant animation and the David and Goliath too. My friend Stevie helped my on my Kobe Bryant animation by drawing the basketball court.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cool Kiwis

Some birds can soar through the sky- Kiwi's can't.
Lot's of birds have Lot's of beautiful colours and a tail- kiwi's don't.
There is even one bird that can swim in the freezing ice caps of Antarctica!- A kiwi certainly wouldn't do that.

It's not that they're small, the average size is about the same width of a rugby ball. The smallest of these species is much smaller than a foot ball. It is called the little spotted one and it lives on island where it is protected, Kapati Island. Some kiwis are quite big in size. The largest of them stands at 45 cm tall. It is called the great spotted one.

I suppose you wouldn't call Kiwi's beautiful after all they are just dull brown. Their plumage is stiff like dog hair, but the most ridiculous thing of all, is their bill. I mean it is longer than 15cm. Imagine being up close yo that cheeky bird. "Ouch" I think then you would of tasted how much strength a kiwi has in it's bill.

Many people think these boring kiwis don't have wings. To tell you the truth, they do have wings. If you put your hand through their dense feathers, you will see a small wing. It is the size of your pinky. The reason why they are flightless birds is because they are to heavy.

People may think that kiwis are useless. But in fact they are really good runners. Rumor has it that kiwis can out run a human being! How cool is that Kiwis use their bulky strong legs to dig up burrows for their eggs. I wonder how Kiwis have muscular legs.

Monday, September 20, 2010

NRL Quarter finals pays off for the Sydney Roosters !(

As we look back to the previous matches (or highlights) of the roosters, many mistakes were made. A big change and difference was made when the Sydney Roosters took on the Penrith Panthers. This match was crucial to win because it was sudden death match. The Panthers struggled to gain possession as many errors were made on the their half.

This gave the Roosters more action with the ball. When the opportunity opened up for the Roosters, the used it to score the opening try. This was like against the cats or as we know them as The "WESTS TIGERS". Todd Carney( a great example of a play maker and player of the year) stood out in the match after a miraculously pass which was used to lead the score board.

The Tigers couldn't match the Roosters pace ans speed losing 19-15. Any way back to the game. Many players were approved at breaking line . Well in this match, that's what happened. Vigor was on the Roosters side as they stumbled over the Panthers. After another try to the Roosters. The panthers left furious and frustrated after the Roosters left 12-0.

What an Ambush!

“Toreka wake up!” my older brother yelled, “We’ll be late for Cross Country!” I opened my sleepy eyes to see him staring at me. “Okay, okay. No need to get all worked up. Gosh” I moaned, “ Anyway, the Cross Country is probably postponed today. I hope we don’t have to run. My netball shoes smell gross when they’re wet.” He walked out muttering, “Girls these days”

When I arrived at school I greeted Mr Burt with a Good Morning" - As usual. And he replied, good morning-As usual. But that morning he spoke with a sly grin. Hmm. Principals these days I thought in my mind. I walked in to class to see that everyone was whispering something that sounded like...”Cross Country today!” the speaker yelled. My jaw dropped. My heart sank. Cross Country?? What an ambush! Well, that was certainly unexpected. Maybe Mr.SlyGrin over there tried to capture everyone before they could get out the old “sick note”. I have to admit, teachers can be smart like that.

“Okay” Mr Barks signalled, “Bring in the 10 year old girls.” I panicked. We were going first? My confidence dropped even more. I dragged myself to the starting line. I sighed loudly. “Who cares Reka.” Sylvia said. “We’ll all run together” Mino smiled at me.

“Okay ladies” Mr Burt practically laughed, “ On your marks...” “Oh boy” I groaned. “Get set...” “Remember don’t sprint” Mino quickly said “ BANG” We were off. Most people kept sprinting past. Whereas, I was happily jogging with my friends.

Unfortunately, that little spark of happiness didn’t last for long. This thick icky gooey mud was sticking to my shoes. Great! Absolutely positively great. My shoes would be saturated by the time I finished a quarter of the way there. My shoes would stink, and I knew this would all happen eventually. I was NOT looking forward to the rest of this race. If I came anything other than 10th and upper, my brother would be teasing me the whole walk home. Plus, I’d be walking in my soaked netball shoes. Why does he get the bonus?

My heart skipped a beat when I noticed the race went longer than usual. Oh no. Daniel would be teasing me for sure. But the least I could do is try, even though I knew I was doomed with the curse of older brother’s insults. I loped past Miss Burne and my joy lifted. “Come on Toreka, you can do it!” I told myself as if I were a dog. It sounds ridiculous, but it was a huge help.

Side by side, Seini-Mino and I jogged past Ms Squires, then Miss Lavakula. I enjoyed doing this because they each had a bit of encouragement.

I squinted trying hard to see if any one had crossed the finish line. Sadly, someone had. So my hopes of coming 1st were crushed. I started to slow down because my heart couldn’t take the disappointment. I had to get used to being teased now.

I gathered momentum as I ran through the gates. As soon as I passed the playground I opened up the throttle and the crowd was cheering me on. I crossed the finish line with a boost of enthusiasm.

At the end of the day, I realised that I had survived the Cross Country. And, if you think about it, it wasn’t that bad. Plus, I came 8th, but I still had the smelly netball shoes to look forward to.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kiwi Birds

It’s not that they are all small.The smallest is the little spotted kiwi and it is smaller then a rugby ball.

The biggest kiwi is about 45 cm tall and as big a rugby ball.

Female kiwis are larger then male kiwis.

The biggest kiwi is about 45cm tall. It is about as big as a rugby ball. kiwis are or can grow to a certain size like 45cm of height. But as you must know that the kiwis name is The Great Spotted kiwi.

I suppose people wouldn’t call kiwis bright coloured, they only have brown rough plumage. A kiwi skin is so rough that it is not as smooth as another birds. Other birds have beautiful plumage, but kiwis don’t they only have brown dull plain feathers. The most ridiculous thing is their bill.

Did you know that a kiwi is a flightless bird. Well many people think that kiwis have no wings, but they do, they hide underneath there brown plain plumage.They also have a curved claw at the end of their wing. If a kiwi was meant to fly they will need to have a tail.

Did you know kiwis use their legs for digging their borrows and running away from their preys.

kiwis have strong island legs and feet. They can also

out run a average person.

Female kiwis lay their eggs in the borrows, the father kiwi sits on the eggs for 2 and half months. It takes 3 days for the baby kiwi to hatch, when the baby kiwi comes out it cuddles up to it’s fathers plumage. As soon as the kiwi is about 6 months old it can leave it’s borrow and travels by it’s own.

Most birds can glide through the air kiwis can’t. Some birds have nice coloured feathers, but kiwis don’t. There is even a birds that can swim under ice cold water kiwis can’t do that.

And there you have it. How could you resist a big fat, strong rugby player legged, flightless bird, which is ugly and drab?

If kiwis aren’t cool, then I don’t no what is!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cross Country

A Cross Country narrative

Ahhhhh, Good old Cross-Country.This will be a piece of cake!!!!!! These CHUMPS don’t know who they’re up against. Ah, There’s good old Jimmy Grimes, sitting there in the corner trembling in absolute FEAR!!! I was lucky enough to have the running pitch nice and hard. Anyway, I don’t need any luck!, I’ve come first Every year. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!
“ Yeah Mate, I’m gonna win!!” I said to me best mate, Laurie Daley. “Ten year old boys, time to race” Our principal, Mr Russell Burt exclaimed. I was really RELAXED as I stood up to the Chopping board. ‘No feet in front of the line, and NO TRIP UP’S!!” Mr Burt strictly said. I didn’t need to put my in front of the line!! Perhaps I could stand miles back and still win. Mr Burts gong was raised and..........BAM!!! The Race was under way and looking around I could see the Pressure start to build on people!!!!!!
“I knew it, I’m miles in front of everybody, and surly I’m gonna win” I said to myself. But, in side me the pressure is building and I start to think I shouldn’t of been so Cocky or arrogant about winning the race. Also my HUGE appetite of my Breakfast is coming back to Haunt me as a stitch hits on me harder and harder. It didn’t matter because I’m absolutely gonna win. For sure!!!! As my stitch hit me even harder Jimmy Grimes had tightened the gap between He and I. As he gained territory and ground, That is Jimmy Grimes, The power of momentum were highly against me But I knew to soldier on and win!!!!
I had sighted the finish line but by now I had dropped to fourth place. Jimmy Grimes had led the way along with me two best mates, Laurie Daley and Darius Boyd. I only had a slim chance of winning the race because my arch rival, Jimmy Grimes was miles ahead. It felt like a shot of energy had come upon me and I could bear no more!!!” Time to charge” I said. I made an Amazing spurt, but it wasn’t enough to win. Jimmy Grimes took out the race and I finished third. Only Passing Darius Boyd. I thought that I would certainly win.BUT NO.......... I have learnt that from this race, If you think that you’re too good to win, you could suffer consequences like I did in this experience. BRING ON NEXT YEAR!!!!!


Thursday, September 16, 2010


We have been learning about pirates who went plundering in ancient times.These pirates were from Europe and were poor, miserable, and unemployed. They became pirates to start PLUNDERING (stealing) goods, BLOOD DIAMONDS, TOBACCO, and SLAVERY.
It was hard work plundering merchant ships(ships that have goods, or trading and selling) because their GOLD MUST be REALLY HEAVY to carry that much gold. I forgot that smaller ships are the fastest! I recon that is pretty sad that they touchier slaves, witch are from Africa?!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cross Country

“Boom ....Boom” My heart skipped a beat when I heard the shocking announcement. It was Cross - Country. Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach because I didn’t want to run. Then I knew that Mr Burt had set up an Ambush, I assumed that the teachers knew , but some teachers hesitated. “ Oh no, here we go again.

I forced myself to sit behind my fellow competitors,It was a freezing day, which didn’t help at all. Then there was another horrible report from Mr Burt : “ Today, Cross - Country isn’ t going to be as long as usual so the oldest are going first”. My heart dropped that means me. “How am I going to survive the race” I moaned.

I reluctantly dragged my legs to the start line , I felt something fluttering in my stomach and I knew that they were butterflies. The butterflies started flapping like crazy.”Take your mark “ shouted Mr Burt. I was doomed. “ Get set”. “Oh no”. “BANG”. All of my competitors zoomed past me.

My heart was pounding wildly , while my legs were going through excruciating pain. My throat was so sore that I had to swallow saliva every 3 seconds. I could feel and hear the mud squelching, in between my toes. I kept saying to myself “ Keep jogging, you can make it”. The pain was growing tense, I thought I was going to collapse right on the ground.

Mid-way through the course I was already wheezing. I saw 4 people in front of me. 2 were boys and 2 were girls. I tried to do a little spurt, but that made no difference. As I passed the teachers they all said positive things to me like “keep going” or “finish this”. That really helped a lot ( I think ).

The finish line was a few steps away, I was desperate to finish. Everyone on the sideline was cheering especially Miss King cause she wanted Tainui to win. She shouted “ Sprint Selena Sprint” . So I listened to her and ... BAM. I finished the race , I was proud because I came 3rd.

After that horrible experience was over, I ran straight to the tap and drank all of the water I could. My throat was filled with glorious water, and now it was soothed. I went and sat down slowly since my legs were aching. The most fun part of the day was when I crossed the finish line and came third. I was surprised because I thought I would have never survived this race.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Cross Country Narrative

Cross Country Narrative

Strolling into school, I had a very weird feeling that we were going to be doing Cross Country, and a sick feeling came into my tummy. Opening my eyes, I saw the chairs lined up in a row, they were also in order from year 1 to year 6. I cringe. Mr Burt had tricked us. “OHHHH” I groaned. If he had told us that we were going to do Cross Country, I would have got my sick note.

‘BRIINNNGGG’ the bell went at 8:50. Only had 10 minutes to think how to stop myself from racing, and my heart was pounding. I didn’t know what to do. “THINK, THINK, THINK”.

I sat in my age line, which was 11 and waited restlessly for Mr Burt to start talking. I was relieved thinking that it would be going from 5 year olds to 11 year olds unfortunately, I was wrong. 1 minute after I said that, he said “Today it will be different because the 5 year olds and 11 year olds will go together”. He had to say that! I was really nervous from then.

“On your marks, Get set, and GO!!!” As soon as Mr Burt said that his clapper went ‘BANG”! I was so stressed out. People were spurting pass me and I was so embarrassed because I knew that I would come last, I knew my team Maatatua would be unhappy. It was half way and I tried really hard to tell myself “You can do it”. I was exhausted by then.

There was spongy mud all over the field. It was gross and annoying. I could feel it, it was gluey and disgusting. I just hated it. Everybody was going fast over the mud, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t used to mud. OF COURSE it slowed me down even more!

About 20m away from the finish line, my friend Ala tripped. I was shocked. Her knee was aching. I cheered her up by saying some positive encouragements. She got up and started to run, we ran together.

As I was very close to the finish line, I legged it. It was quite like a marathon, I had never ran like that. I zoomed past 2 people. As I was about 5 metres away from the finish line, I opened up my throttle and whizzed. 2 metres away and I could hear the crowd cheering. Who were they cheering for Me or Ala? “They would never be cheering for me” I said. I heard carefully and I was wrong, they were cheering for me. As I crossed the finish line I felt happy. It felt really good.

I didn’t care that I came 5th, at least people cheered for me, a person that is always last. I was also happy that Ala had came 1st and I had came 5th. ‘THIS WAS GREAT”, 5th is a great position. I just hope in our next race, nothing so bad like people falling down happens again.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cool Kiwis

It’s not that they are all small.The smallest is the little spotted kiwi and it is smaller then a rugby ball.

The biggest kiwi is about 45 cm tall and as big a rugby ball.

Female kiwis are larger then male kiwis.

The biggest kiwi is about 45cm tall. It is about as big as a rugby ball. kiwis are or can grow to a certain size like 45cm of height. But as you must know that the kiwis name is The Great Spotted kiwi.

I suppose people wouldn’t call kiwis bright coloured, they only have brown rough plumage. A kiwi skin is so rough that it is not as smooth as another birds. Other birds have beautiful plumage, but kiwis don’t they only have brown dull plain feathers. The most ridiculous thing is their bill.

Did you know that a kiwi is a flightless bird. Well many people think that kiwis have no wings, but they do, they hide underneath there brown plain plumage.They also have a curved claw at the end of their wing. If a kiwi was ment to fly they will need to have a tail.

Did you know kiwis use their legs for digging their borrows and running away from their preys.

kiwis have strong island legs and feet. They can also

out run a average person.

Female kiwis lay their eggs in the borrows, the father kiwi sits on the eggs for 2 and half months. It takes 3 days for the baby kiwi to hatch, when the baby kiwi comes out it cuddles up to it’s fathers plumage. As soon as the kiwi is about 6 months old it can leave it’s borrow and travels by it’s own.

Most birds can glide through the air kiwis can’t. Some birds have nice coloured feathers, but kiwis don’t. There is even a birds that can swim under ice cold water kiwis can’t do that.

And there you have it. How could you resist a big fat, strong rugby player legged, flightless bird, which is ugly and drab?

If kiwis aren’t cool, then I don’t no what is!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Polynesian Voyagers

Hi this is a short movie of how Polynesian people came to NZ.
I think it was spectacular how they traveled through rough storms.

by Joshua

Friday, September 10, 2010


In the 8 -11 century the Vikings dominated the world. They had came from Scandinavia which is Norway, Sweden , Denmark and Finland. They had traded and some times plundered lots of goods and treasure .

The Vikings had raided All of Europe’s church’s for all the gold and money.

From the east side of the world they got Spices such as curry ,cinnamon cloves, garlic and much more was traded from India and also silk from China.

Chocolate was made by coco beans in America or known as Vinland which was named by the Vikings.

by Aidan

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cool Kiwis

Would you call a kiwi beautiful? I know I wouldn't. Its plumage is dark and dull and is stiff like dog hair.

The Kiwis feathers are not like other birds. The most ridiculous thing about its bill it can grow up to 20cm long.

The average size of a kiwi is the size of the chicken, the smallest kiwi is called the little spotted kiwi that is smaller than a rugby ball.
The largest kiwi is twice the size of a football.

Did you know kiwis are flightless birds? They have small stubby wings with a curled claw at the end. Their wings are as wrinkly as a old man's face.

Do you know kiwis are fast? They have really Strong powerful legs that can out run a human. They use their legs to fight predators. Kiwis use their strong legs to dig up burrows which is used to lay their eggs in. Some times they build it in a log or under the roots of the tree.

And there you have it how could you possibly resist a; flightless, ridiculous ,wrinkled winged,chicken sized burrow building species?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Israel Folau

Israel Folau is a talented player that is 21 years of age. He use to play for the cheating team as everyone knows Melbourne Storm, then moved to my former best team the Brisbane Broncos, but now plays for the almighty Queensland.
His height is unbelievable for his age. His strength and shear force would be enough to stop a raging bull from running at him. He is centre which has a jar full of speed and agility.
He is one of my favourite players because he always finds a way to get over the try line even if he has to step,swerve and bump his way.
Moving from the Melbourne Storm was a good idea because if he stayed with them for a little bit longer he would not have been able to compete for the title for a year. Which would of stunk badly. He is one of the centres that I admire. He is mighty and he is ISRAEL FOLAU!!!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The First settlers In New Zealand

Hello everyone, it is that time when I write a post or put an animation on my blog and for now I am putting on an animation. So join in with me and lets rock the boat. Or maybe just watch my animation!! For information about what I have animated then here it is. I have animated a movie about the early Polynesian settlers that had settled on Aotearoa. Some people say that some of Polynesians had orignaly came from ASIA!! I guess thats it from me!

I hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vaka Voyagers

Maori myths and legends tell us stories of how the first Polynseians got to Aotearoa New Zealand. Yet, no one knows where they came from. Most think from the island of Hawaiiki, which is around all the other Pacific Islands. The movie above explains what they would've taken along for th ejourney. Imagine trying to pack food for 50 people, for 3 months!!! These polynesians sure are Mighty Mariners. Too bad no one else can do the same as these brave warriors.
Check ou tsome of my other work on my own blog.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mighty Vikings

Vikings are Scandinavian traders. They are known to be a type of pirate, wearing : Helmets with horns on the sides, with braided facial hair. These people are proudly strong and fierce, fighting wars to protect or claim their land. The word viking is used to refer to explorers, mariners or pirates.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The First settlers In New Zealand

Polynesian people came to NZ by canoe. Some of them voyaged in a single hull with an outrigger or a double hull.In full length, these canoe's were 15m-25m.These Vessels were made out of planks lashed together and woven sails.

Trained navigators used the stars as their guide to search for land.Signs of birds feeding at sea would give them and idea that land was near. To get to Aotearoa, the Polynesians had to get thru the stormy seas.

By Joshua and Joe.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

On Tuesday the 19th of July it was the first day of Term 3 for Pt England school. When I walked inside the hall I was surprised because I thought I was trapped on an Island filled with Pirates. When I sat down I was so keen to find out about Term 3's topic and then suddenly the screen turned on and it had the words 'MIGHTY MARINERS'!
I can't wait to find out more. Stay tuned to our blogs as we learn about Mighty Mariners and share our work with you this term.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Serving Umu Food

The cooked food is carried to the table, from the umu, so every one can eat it. Before any one eats the minister prays. Then everyone helped themselves to the food yum!. It tasted delicious.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tuna on the Umu

Into the umu, goes large plump tuna, that was sent from niue, by plane. The tuna is cut up into big chunks , then wrapped in coconut leaves. Then it is dumped on top of the umu, because it doesn't need so much time to cook.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Umu Niuean Style

In a umu, there are different kinds of foods that go in to the pit. Vegetables like kumara, potatoes and taro are cut up in to chunks, and wrapped up in to coconut leaves.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Positive:Team work was good and all working together.We have great graphics and were using animations that were fantastic and good enough to go on P.E.N.N. That was our goal. The people that were in my team was Matthew R,Joshua,Erene and me.

Our team worked like Brothers and we really knew what we were doing around at the time on the computer.

Minus:The thing that had bothered me was that we could not do our whole animation because we were to lazy. We had done all of the voice over but not the animation. I reckon that I could of done more than what I had done before.

The thing is that we kept talking to much. We also had to keep changing our script and making heaps of mistakes when we recorded our voice over because we bursted out laughing.

Interesting:The interesting thing was that we hardly did anything with our animation. I personally think that all of us were lazy and that we could do way better than what we have done right now. But at least everyone communicated in our team and we all knew what our members were doing.

I actually was surprised of our animation. But we had actually finished our stuff. But for my personal opinion. Joshua was a worker that worked hard. I would give him an 18/20 because he always works hard and even if he talks to people, he gets the job done

Well that's it for the PMI(Positive,Minus,Interesting) and that's what I think we should of done

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rugby World Cup

Below is just a brief report on some teams weakness and Strengths. Also key players and their chances of winning the World Cup. Read more to find out about Australia, South Africa and New Zealand

Australian rugby is a well known side for their stand-out players like Stephen Larkham, Stirling Mortlock and George Gregan. They are known for there outstanding attack and kicking. This is why they are in the Tri-nations. They have won a World cup a couple of times, but if they want to do that again in 2011, they would have to improve there scrums.

Scrums for the Kangaroos is a weakness, that showed when they faced England on their 2nd test match. And they lost 20-21. Some say that it's there forwards fitness but others say they put on to much beef. I think that it's fitness. Skipper Rocky Elsom really needs to encourage his boys when the time comes for the cup. Both Rocky and Gituea needs to tell their forward pack to step up.

Elsom has a lot of rookie's that he needs to handle. But with his skill, he can bring them up to world class level in the test matches. Hopefully before the world cup.

In the England and Australian game and the Australian-Fijian game. Adam-Ashley Cooper kept on being shut down when he ran the ball up, So did Giteau. They have a good kicking game. Quade Cooper and Matt Giteau really know how to break the line but if they want to win the world cup they would have to do now and again. There chances are in my point of view would be 8/10 because the Springboks forwards can smash the Australian forward pack.

You don't need to say much when you hear the words "Springboks rugby" or "South African Rugby", you would already know who there talking about. World No.2 rugby team Springboks. They are prop ably the best rugby team now because they have made history in 1995 when they had to take on New Zealand in the finals.

Jonah Lomu was playing for the New Zealand team. He was known as a monster when he scored four tries in the semi-final against England (and he was only in his young years of world class rugby). Amazingly, South Africa beat what seemed to be the impossible New Zealand side 12-9 at extra time. New Zealand had a chance to win when it was locked 9-9. They passed the ball to Andrew Merhtons but Mertohns missed the drop goal and so they won. They also won the 2007 world cup.

The Springboks have a lot of confidence when they play. They have a lot of key players like Morne Steyn, Bryan Habana, Victor Matfield, Joe Peterson, Wynand Oliver and BJ Botha. These players are the skippers, the magic men of this side. Victor Matfield is a really good Captain and he knows when to speak up on, and of the paddock. Matfield is one of the oldest and most experienced South African athelete for rugby. He plays with great dignity and he also works hard until the last second of each match.

The South Africans Skipper Joe Peterson had a good season when he was playing for the Bulls. He was a player that knows how to break the line and find gaps now and then. Missing vital tackles for him is impossible because he has such a good tackling technique. Bryan Habana and Morne Steyn is one of the greatest combinations that is known for try-scoring and line breaks. Unlike Richie McCaw and Daniel Carter, Steyn is a Five Eighth who kicks at a good pace and possession.

My bets are on the South Africans with all my money because firstly there only weakness is if the opposition passes the ball to the wing. But if your the opposition then be bright and don't go to Habana's wing because he might intercept or just cut you down. So be aware or be in your top shape because your not then they will beat you to the death 50-0 (in my opinion).

New Zealand, is one of THE BEST RUGBY countries in the WORLD. Colin "Pinewood" Meads is the best rugby player in all history. New Zealand are well known for there outstanding attack and defence. But the only thing that puzzles me is that they only one one World Cup in all HISTORY.

Now the All Blacks only have a handful of key players, strengths. Richie and Carter is an elite combination for this side and in my opinion there our only hope to win.

The reason why is because the men that should still be skippers like Rokocoko or Muliiana is not performing as they used too. Joe never breaks the line any more and Malili is a bit off his game. Malili is our ONLY fullback because the rookie Israel Dagg can't play world class like him. Hooker Kevin Mealamu is one of of two people that are over thirty, so he should be as good as Carter or McCaw since he has lot's of experience. Kevin had a good game against the welsh, he was fast at the breakdown and worked hard to recycle the ball.

Nz needs to test the oppositions weakness, and do there homework on other key players. Testing weaknesses is what we haven't done. A key for Nz when they face the Kangaroo's is that they have to use their scrums in order to beat the Australians. Spreading the ball against the Springboks needs to be done. If Nz don't win the World Cup or get to the finals the people would say that that is Nz's last chance. People also say that France MUST take over Nz's place in the Tri-nations if they don't win or become second

The 2011 World Cup is coming up and all teams that has been talked about needs to be ready for every game. If they don't Some other teams from the six nations might whip either one. Every team has an opportunity at the same time as every team has a weakness so what Nz, Sa and Oz needs to do is polish their weaknesss. Good Luck to all teams

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Art Step by Step

This is my kowhaiwhai pattern I first made on paper and then
I animated it on the computer. Each element represents a member of my family.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Curse of the Baby-Sitter

Knock Knock. There it was again. That annoying sound. Knock Knock. I decided it was time to face him. My brother. My little brother.Knock Knock. Okay, it was time. I unlocked my bedroom door and stomped towards my little brother's room. Strange. He was asleep. And it couldn't have been my elder brother knocking because he was at a friend's for the night. It was dead silent. And it was dark. Very dark. The only place it wasn't either of those things, was in the living room.Brr. It was cold. But how could it be when it was in the middle of Summer? I was scared. I started to whisper to myself to create my own company. Shivers slithered up my spine. Who was here?

I tiptoed towards the living room, silent as a mouse. I peered over the sofa.I only saw mum and dad all dressed up fancy looking like they were going--- Uh oh. It couldn't be happening. It just couldn't. Not tonight. Any night but tonight. Mum and dad were going somewhere. Without me or Justus. This was no robbery, this meant Aunt Jen was here.
"Oh there you are sweetie!" mum said in a high voice. She turned around, holding a pizza box. That confirmed it. They were out for the night, without me or Justus. "Yawn!" my little brother walked slowly in to the living room stretching his arms out saying,"Mum? Where are you and daddy going?" Mum and dad looked at each other for a brief second."Ummm.......Well we're, we're.... going to school! Why? Do you want come with us?" Mum and dad smiled slyly. Here we go again. The same old excuse. But it only worked on Justus. He absolutely HATED school. " So where is she?" I said as I folded my arms. "Where is who?" Dad said trying to act as if he didn't know who she was. "You know who." I said firmly. "Oh, okay..... Aunt Jen is just outback getting a few things for your special surprise." Mum said slyly .Hmmm. What did "special surprise" mean?

I raced in to my room, bounced on to my bed and continued reading my book called : The Candy Crime:A Lost Licorice. I locked my door and lay in bed. I did NOT want to see Aunt Jen. I'd rather eat a ton of broccoli. "Toreka sweetie!" the evil voice sang,"It's dinner time!" Oh no. My stomach started doing flip flops. Aunt Jen is not the best of cooks, trust me. "Are you hungry sweetie?" she chirped, "I know you wanted my special broccoli pudding,(Yuck) but Mummy insisted on pizza!" "Gasp! Pizza!" I said in my mind sitting up. That's right! I ran to the dining table full of excitement. To my surprise, the pizza was half gone! (Aunt Jen and Justus weren't big fans of pizza-I guess they were hungry) I quickly sat down and got my self all the cheesy bits, (The pizza was called Double Cheese Extreme) When I finished, I did NOT say thank you. After all, Mum was the one who bought it, NOT Aunt Jen.

"Okay," said Aunt Jen rubbing her hands together,"Who wants to see the special surprise?" Only Justus jumped up and down. I couldn't care less. She pulled a colourful bag and whispered,"Take a peek." I didn't care what she had said, I just wanted to see the so called ," Special Surprise". I closed my eyes and reluctantly, ever so cautiously, reached in. To my surprise, I did NOT feel her pet mice, NOT her yuck broccoli pudding, NOT her boring brick collection, but it was something I actually liked. It was "The Candy Crime 2:Curse Of The Candy Cane" I smiled full of happiness. Where's Justus wasn't happy at all. He had gotten a yo-yo.(He's used to flash gizmos and gadgets ) And he was NOT happy about it. I poked my tongue out at Justus and skipped happily to my room. I stopped and turned around. There was Aunt Jen, staring at me. Oh boy. Here we go again. When would this nightmare end? "Thank you Aunt Jen" I muttered quietly as possible, making sure she couldn't hear me. Shockingly she replied,"You're welcome."