Friday, September 10, 2010


In the 8 -11 century the Vikings dominated the world. They had came from Scandinavia which is Norway, Sweden , Denmark and Finland. They had traded and some times plundered lots of goods and treasure .

The Vikings had raided All of Europe’s church’s for all the gold and money.

From the east side of the world they got Spices such as curry ,cinnamon cloves, garlic and much more was traded from India and also silk from China.

Chocolate was made by coco beans in America or known as Vinland which was named by the Vikings.

by Aidan


OPS Room 7 said...

We are learning about the ancient Vikings as well. We liked your video because it told us more about the Vikings. We are making Viking helmets in class. We haven't finished yet but our class blog tells you how to make them. We are going to put some pictures of them on there when we finish.

Andrew said...

Hi! My name is Andrew from Panmure Bridge. I love Vikings to! Did you they hated priets?