Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Camp Kindness

As I come back home , groaning how tried was I hear " Kayla come here". "The me about Camp Kindness

I thought Orienteering was the most cooperative activity.We paired up to listen to Mr Jacobson talking.Then we set off for our first journey.At first I found it very confusing and difficult, but in the end it was OK , even though I didn't get it right . It was still fun.

Later on our group had camp cooking . The girls and boys split up so all the girls would be off baking and all the boys went off with a different teacher. We made these sponge cakes with pink food colouring covering it all witch is cover in coconut bits. I found out that it was Delicious.We didn't taste it ,a couple of adults quickly took one of these delicious tasting deserts,and told us how beautiful they were .

The next day we went rock climbing. I had a stab of fear shoot through my chest , as I stared climbing the wall. I had to wait at the top as I got there for the other showing person . He was in a perfect situation. It took him about one minute and a half. eventually he got to the top . The worst part was getting down . I swung from side to side .When I got down to the bottom my legs were shaking in terror. Then after every one had a turn at climbing that wall we split into groups. I went with Miss king and we climbed a wall called Jack 'n' the bean stalk . That wall was the hardest to me, because the obstacles were really thin and it would sometimes crack and that made me scared.

At the end of the three full of exciting days I had a great week of half school and half day I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to back next

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Camp

Years 5,year6 and year7 just came back from camp last week. It was from Wednesday to Friday
Camp was tiring but great fun in many ways.
One of the best activity's was tin pin bowling it was funny and enjoyable for the team,one of our team leaders scored a strike,then the team went crazy,I almost got all of themdown but I needed two more pins to get a strike.
The second best activity was Kayaking. Kayaking was sore but fun and super cool .When I jumped into the canoe,I just zoomed to the front of the line.One of my captains came and came andsaid"you want a race".I said 'yeah ready,set,go'.so we paddled and paddled all the way to the finish line.We came a tie in the race.I was very tired after that.After camp I really wanted to go have a very long sleep .I was happybecause all the challenges I have done are all mastered.

This is me at rock climbing

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Week at Camp

When ever do you get to sleep and spend time with your friends alone?Well, I got to do those two things on our second camp for school. It was called Camp Kindness .

My group started their second activity,it was rock climbing. Some people were excited because it was their first time, some people said it was their second time. First we had to be told how to put our harnesses on.
Step.1 put your legs through the blue hole and pull the red strap up to your waste, Step.2 tighten every thing make sure that it is not lose.
Our team helpers had to put on a harness on so they can hold us while we climb up the wall.

Do you ever get frightened on stage?Well,on Thursday it was time for our team item. I was hoping that my team were not first. My hope came true!The first group was T.L.C ,Kind Crew then True Flavours and Soul Squad, that was my group. I got frightened on stage.As theConsiderators got called up on stage ,people came up with rubbish bins,pots and brooms. Some people were laying down next to the bins.First the people with the brooms came and made the beat ch ch ch ch. Then the most exciting part was the drummer's. I thought they were the best! After 15 seconds every one joined in and Crusader went to the back where nobody could see
him,He said 1234 people if you want some more say oh Considerators we yelled out oh Considerators. The most hilarious part was the people with wooden spoons they were banging the pot and made the sound' ping ping ping'.

do you ever say that you can't bowl a ball?Well when we got to AMF ten pin bowling I was just about to tell Miss Squares that I didn't want to play but I had to, we walked inside and Miss Squares had to talk to us she said if the bottom of your shoe is black stand on the right side the walk way.They had to put on bowling shoes ,we had lane 1234and5 to our self we had light brown bowling balls so we wouldn't drop them. One time it was my turn again I ran with the ball and bowled it but Iwent on the slippery part and I slipped. I really enjoyed my groups activity's that we did I can't wait till next years camp.

Why did early European settlers come to New Zealand?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Unaloto at Camp

This camp was even better than last years one. Camp let me tell you about it.

On the first day at camp we went racing down to Skate landby van. Skate land was amazing,we had lots of time, some of us even got to go there for free.There was races and we got to learn how to skate.I kept on falling and at the end my knees was covered with bruises.
At the concert we were all nervous and we were shaking with excitement. Its like that our bones was trying to escape out of our mouths.We all tired our best but sadly my team, True Flavours, lost, but we were all right with it.
Camp was really fun,we did almost everything in two nights and three days. It was just last week, when we were paddling kayaks. I was lucky I got to drive the Mr Malloy's boat. You could hear the loud engines roar. If you hold on to the stirring wheel, you can feel that it is vibrating.
My highlight was skating, but it was all pretty good.
Bring on the end of year camp!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ravishing Camp Kindness

What an exhausting three days of sleepless Pt England school camp. I just witnessed for the second year running. When I got home I tried to drag all my body weight inside, so i could prove to my Mum that all camps are technically not easy to conquer all the activities.''WOW! Camp Kindness absolutely rocked!!!''

The group I was in , was called the "SOUL SQUAD" and our first activity was Ten pin bowling.As we headed towards this breath-taking game it was like a zoo, with people so excited screaming their heads off! (Yeah I'm gonna win)It was finally time to see who was actually the best of the best! I was honestly up against some pretty tough guys in my group,Erene, Joe,Nikora and Nezinli.

Finally, we were under way with people already smashing Pins, thrilling strikes and spares. But on the other hand my group were just desperate to continue but there was a bit of a delay with our lane gone out of order."NO!!!"There was a very talented engineer down at the end Who walked at the of the lane sorting out the problem. The game was once again back under way,SMASH "STRIKE" screamed Erene.We were coming to the end of the game and it was a blazing finish when me and Erene tied up 83 all. But luckily, he only took the victory by one pin. What a game!

Now we reached the second day of camp with people frantically screaming their heads off with all the breath they had in their lungs "ORIENTEERING"(yeah). I had a very much experienced partner, Erene, my leader. Both he and I were paying close attention to Mr Jacobson and followed all the steps he announced. We were as keen as any one in the team that we would ace this brain-teasing challenge.
Do-do-do-do. As the trumpet struck as loud as it could the game began with people frustrated trying to discover the letters."Hey bro I can see it, its a K". Once again we heard the one sound of the hooter about one hour later after only listing down 23 out of 27 letters . Sadly no one in our team came back with the correct answer. There were many thrills in this energetic activity with partners getting so close to figuring out the correct answer for this trivia. Well Done Kayde, Very Good

As we entered the final day of school camp I was dramatised knowing that we would end our three day journey, but there was a glimpse of hope when I found out all kids would be going to Swim-a-rama for the day. "HOORAY"!! I thought. There was many amazing sites after witnessing pupils of camp who died to represent the school for the Pt England swimming team of 2010. SPLASH! After waiting for a super long time, all the kids breathed a sigh of relief once entering this cold, cold pool."YAH"(at long last the wicked hydro slide was opened for kids to enjoy them-selves) That was the most invigorating

walk up a pair of stairs in a long,long time I thought.
ZOOM flying past on the hydro slide went kids. All the time the hydro slide was at worked for literaly the whole day we were there. Time really flew past when, having fun in paradise (Swim-a-rama).

Next year at school camp I wish for more magical activities and plenty more fun.But still I need enjoy having fun with camps.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Talahiva at the movies

This movie is about me going to the movies. I went to Sylvia Park to watch Hannah Montana.

Captain Cook comes to New Zealand

Captain Cook was an explorer. As he explored
the pacific he found a land and named it New Zealand

Native Maori Food Sources

Have you ever tasted native food to New Zealand before ? Well if you have than you will know how great it is. Food isn't really too bad. Actually the way it tastes so good is probably because the food is stored nearby in a whare up high to keep it away from all the polluted rats and dirty pests.

Food in the land of New Zealand has the likes of bird, fish and lots more including Vegetables,especially food to do with meat. For the Maori people, Kai or food is like a blast to them. If they gave me something I really didn't like I thought it would of been rude to turn down one of their best offers they had to give.I'm just not one of those guys who's so disrespectful.

The first thing I witnessed was a great big pile of dead birds, I was really frightened but i knew we're going to eat them. A blooded trap filled with two hooked birds lowered from the hugest Totara tree I have ever seen in my entire life. The kaumatua or chief of people told me it was Dinner. Ewe, birds for dinner.

It was now time to feast on a traditional thing that people call a Hangi. It was now excatly 6:30pm, I could tell from the sunset. Time to eat! One thing I hated was the vegetables. They were covered all with dirt, but on the other hand the one thing I hated on the first day is the thing I really liked tonight. The fish I ate was so nice probably because it was stored in the food storage whare. I actully got all the large,juicy parts out of it this time.

I wish that I can come back to this wonderful land of New Zealand. I'm going to miss all the Maori people. I just want one glimpse of the Maori people one more time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why We Got A Treaty

Before the treaty of Waitangi, there were no rules or laws even police to keep the peace.So thats why their were fights between the Maori and European.

Building Fences For New Farms In New Zealand

Im building a fence for my new farm. You might want to know what I am doing in NZ. The reason I am here is because there is more land here for a farm.

Europeans Try To Buy Land In Early New Zealand

Europeans came to New Zealand to buy land for the animals because there was no room in England. This Pakeha is trying to give money to the Maori lady because he wants land. But no one person owned the land. It belonged to all of the Tangata Whenua.

Early Settlers Come To New Zealand To Farm

The early settlers came to new Zealand to farm.
There was lots of spare land here. They bought the land from the maori.

Traders Come To New Zealand

Traders were early settler people that sold and bought from the maoris and the pakeha.
They sold all sorts of weapons, plus blankets, land and tools.

Make Way For Farms

Early New Zealand settlers chopped forests down to make way for their farms. New Zealand had lots of space for farms so the settlers came here from Britain.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shawn shares his highlights of Day One, Camp Kindness

"Yay", everyone thought as we began the day with orienteering.

My team name is TLC. Wedesday the 17th of March is the day we start camp! "Yeah". With no doubt in my mind I was sure every one at camp loved everything so far (but no one more than me).

As we raced around to find the next clue some people ran, some walked or even jogged, but who ever was doing it had a little bit of fustration or if not, the happiest feeling in the world in their minds.

We reached our destination and set our compass to where we wanted it, only to find out we have already been to this location. So at the speed of light we sprinted our hearts out and ran to our last location just to hear the sound of Mr J's trumpet sounding through out the whole school.

The next thing my group did was camp cooking. But there was a twist- we had to stir the mixture with our hands. So we washed that part of our body under the freezing cold water and returned to marquee for dough mixing. A couple of minutes later we got to cook this delicious food called damper. As we were cooking this food the flame of the fire rose and fell as the wind and rain combined to blow the fire as we cooked.

Coming to the end, our freshly made food became ready as the flame kindly cooked our food for us."Finally" "Eat" "Yay" People shouted out as we ate and swallowed fresh damper straight from the burning hot fire.

But the highlight of the day for me was kayaking, because even if you didn't get to go out on the sea first, you still get to swim in the water, or stay on the land and squish your way past the mud. I waited and waited and finally I got to go out. Once I did I went every where. Twice I almost capsized and fell into the water head first. But luckily I didn't I was able to control myself and the kayak.

Then I returned to the shore to head back to Pt England.

Kayla reflects on Day One Camp Kindness

Today was the first day of Pt England School's year 5/6 and 7 camp of 2010.I thought everyone was going to be really excited and and couldn't wait . Most people have done this before, but I haven't so I was super excited. As we walked in the line to go to cooking, it was only the girls so I thought it would be so cool. We made Lamingtons! We were rolling them in coconut bits in the tray, and just looking at it made me want to grab it all and just nibble on it. I bet everyone else did!

Walking on the hot green grass, thinking "What's going to happen when everyone starts kyaking?" As Mr Burt was talking , everybody sitting on the rocky hard sand, I could see the boys really wanted to just jump in! But no, they had waited till they got choosen.When I was in the kiak I got really scared that I was going to flip right over when the murky waves came rolling past. SPLASH!!!I hear as I come past when Hilary flips her kiak in the water .She asks me to hop in too. I said no ."I dont want to get into that salty green water "I told Hilary as I paddled away.

After we walked back throught the gusting wind, talking away, we finally got back to our fine school ready to have our lunch. With all the cooking that the children made, and fruit that we brought, everyone had something.

Then after lunch we gathered our bags and packed them into our tents before we left to play games. I set up my sleeping bag and I had to be in the middle so that was a bit upsetting but it's ok I guess.

Later on we're going to the Glen Innes pools to have a swim and then have a shower. Then after that we will walk back.

Camp Kindness: Day One

Would you believe it - it is finally Wednesday March 17th and we can all go on camp!

We have so many exciting experiences to write about - where to start?

First some thoughts from Matthew from the 10 pin Bowling Alley:
"STRIKE! “Yes I got a strike!”I said to myself out loud. "34 points on the chart for me, I'm taking the lead by 10 points!" After that round it was my turn again. Another strike! 44 pins knocked down in all my turns.

Now it's the seventh round; flipped seven pins out of ten! I'm still taking the lead, but only by 13.
Unoloto cought up. He only needed 1 pin bowled over to catch up to me.
"Fantastic” Miss Va’afusuaga said to Unoloto.

Finally it's the last round to finish off the game.
I came in second place out of the whole of True Flavours. My score...113.

Way to go Matthew!

More of our class have posted their experiences on their own blogs.

Check out this one from Angela, and this one from Ala, and this one from Mubasshira!

Have a read of Joe's day....
Wednesday the seventeenth of March 2010.
Today is the very first day of camp of the year. We have done roller skating, rockclimbing and ten pin bowling. I think the best one has got to be ten bin bowling!
At rockclimbing I made it up on the beanstalk in 29 seconds, but I lost by two people. One person beat me by 28 seconds and the other person made it up in 22 seconds!
Roller skating was a little sore but it was great fun.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pukeko with Matthew R

Pukekoes are native to new Zealand. Many people have been saying,it was brought to new Zealand,by one of the ancestors conoe. The Pukeko is related to the animal “Takahe”. Baby chicks are born with large feet,so they can swim strongly,in fast flowing water. Now, people have been saying that they flew over to New Zealand,because it can fly very far. The can fly up to 200 k. They mostly like to live in the south island,near an edge, of a lake or a pond.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Treaty Singing.

On the 26th of February in 1840 three men sailed to New Zealand to sing a very special treaty. There were twelve chiefs of New Zealand that were looking forward to letting them sign it. One of the most special chiefs was a very popular man called Hone Heke. He was the first one to sign it

Troy has been learning about captain Cook

Early Whalers in New Zealand

Friday, March 5, 2010

Vincent Van Gogh Painting

Van Gogh was a really unhappy and upset man he was born in 1853. He was an artist he had been living in holland where he grew up, that was 150 years ago.

Art of Van Gogh

Last Friday we were larning about VicentVan Gogh's art.Vincent van Gogh's art was about what moods he was in,he had big bold brush strokes that seems as if we were actually there.

Van Gogh with Matthew and Kayde

Our class are learning about a famous artist called Van Gogh.
One of his self portraits show him with a bandage over his head because he cut his ear off.We tried wrapping our ear with bandages too but it was hard to look as sad as Van Gogh did, we kept on laughing.

His paintings sent messages to people of how he felt, and he showed a sense of movement in his artworks.
Today people buy his art for millions of dollars and he is known as one of the world's greatest artists who ever lived.

Van Gogh was an impressionist artist.
He was a mood showing artist but never smiled in any of his pictures.
He makes his colours show the moods he feels.