Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preparing For White Sunday

Preparing for White Sunday wasn't what I had in mind for the holidays.

As I reflected back on to the previous White Sunday (which we call colourful Sunday)not good. I mean 2 hours of practice on a daily basis, not the thing you would want to experience. If you are wondering why then you should read more of my story.

After an exhausting practice for 2 hours a feeling weakness began to spread through my body. My legs were straining like I just crossed the finish line of the Cross Country and my arms were dangling down the chair I was sitting on.

I had, had enough of this torturing practice. Every day I get up and I feel reluctant to get ready. I had to stop this nonsense or I'll be a flat pancake because I had been practicing for 8 days now!

After practicing on the 8th of October I learned that moaning wouldn't do any good or schedule practice on another day. I was told that by our church senior pastor.

Okay so I learned not to moan the hard way.I should of told my tutor how I felt about having practices daily.I actually felt selfish at that moment thinking of everything bad I had done. Next time I should think before I say".

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Room A4 said...

Hi Joshua,
I really enjoyed your story it made me laugh. I am sure that all of those hours of practice mean that your tauloto was perfect. How did it go?
Miss Lepou