Monday, December 27, 2010

Old Skoolz MTV

Well, about 4 weeks ago our teacher (Miss Garden) gave us a task to make an MTV. We had to first get in to a group of 3,4 or 5. My group was called the OLD SKOOLZ! In my group was Selena, Ala and Sylvia. Here is our movie and I hope you enjoy!


Stevenson said...

from stevenson

I liked your movie you rocked.I ALSO LIKED YOUR GUYZ DANCE AT THE SENIOR PARK.This is my first time posting a comment room 17 your movie rocked.

from 9

Whitney Greer said...

Very good movie. I saw some great dance moves in there and you girls seemed to have done a lot of work getting it all together :). I am a student in the United states in college studying to be a teacher. I have been assigned to your class blogs to see what you all have going on in your classes.Thanks for sharing your video--too cute! Feel free to visit my class blog Whitney's Blog

kalim said...


Kalim here I would just like to say I loved your back round music. And the amazing actors.

Keep it up

Nathaniel said...

Hi! room 17

I like your movie it was awsome.

Enyahlee and ariana said...

Hi room17 ,keep it rock. from Enyahlee and Ariana.

Rahael Hurtz said...

Hello I am a student from the United States EDM310. I liked your video. You girls had some great dance skills. That park you danced at looked like a fun place to go. I hope you all keep posting.Also im really glad you had a good year last year and did so well on your tests.

LaDanika Johnson said...

Hi, I'm Dana Johnson an EDM 310 student at the University of South Alabama and all I can say is WOW!! I really enjoyed your video, you all did a GREAT job! I also love the song you all chose I Believe, that's one of my favorites and I think it is a very inspiring song.

jessica and enyahlee said...

Hi girls,i like your movie.Next time can you make it more nicer.I liked your movie so much.Look on room9 and was cool.from enyahlee jessica.

hannah said...


wow that was awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rave said...

Hi girls I really liked your
movie it was cool because
I liked the songs you guys used.

From Rave in Room 12

Rave said...

Hi girls I really liked your
movie it was cool because
I liked the songs you guys used.

From Rave in Room 12

Tyla said...


Hello (OLD SKOOL PEOPLE) my name is Tyla
Im from Panmure Bridge and Im a year 6. I
like your video it's got a lot to it you have a
great taste in music too.I have been to your
school for athletics I never thought that your
school had so much talent now I do.

Your school is one talented school.
Fell free to visit my class on Panmure Bridge School
(PBS)(For short) room 6 animation nation.

From Tyla

woodie holloway said...

That was a fantastic music video. Reminds me of the movie "Sugar" over here in America. At least the music does anyway. Looks like you girls had even more fun on the blooper section. Anyway keep up the good work. If you would like to see what my comments were on my blog, check it out at

Ata said...

Hi girls I like the really cool moves in your dancing! I am looking forward to seeing more dance movies from your class this year!

Mrs McVey said...

Hi I'm a teacher from Gisborne, NZ. I loved your movie...I think my own class would love to do this!

mokaniglassie213 said...

i like your movie and ti good elizabeth from room ten