Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cross Country

“Boom ....Boom” My heart skipped a beat when I heard the shocking announcement. It was Cross - Country. Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach because I didn’t want to run. Then I knew that Mr Burt had set up an Ambush, I assumed that the teachers knew , but some teachers hesitated. “ Oh no, here we go again.

I forced myself to sit behind my fellow competitors,It was a freezing day, which didn’t help at all. Then there was another horrible report from Mr Burt : “ Today, Cross - Country isn’ t going to be as long as usual so the oldest are going first”. My heart dropped that means me. “How am I going to survive the race” I moaned.

I reluctantly dragged my legs to the start line , I felt something fluttering in my stomach and I knew that they were butterflies. The butterflies started flapping like crazy.”Take your mark “ shouted Mr Burt. I was doomed. “ Get set”. “Oh no”. “BANG”. All of my competitors zoomed past me.

My heart was pounding wildly , while my legs were going through excruciating pain. My throat was so sore that I had to swallow saliva every 3 seconds. I could feel and hear the mud squelching, in between my toes. I kept saying to myself “ Keep jogging, you can make it”. The pain was growing tense, I thought I was going to collapse right on the ground.

Mid-way through the course I was already wheezing. I saw 4 people in front of me. 2 were boys and 2 were girls. I tried to do a little spurt, but that made no difference. As I passed the teachers they all said positive things to me like “keep going” or “finish this”. That really helped a lot ( I think ).

The finish line was a few steps away, I was desperate to finish. Everyone on the sideline was cheering especially Miss King cause she wanted Tainui to win. She shouted “ Sprint Selena Sprint” . So I listened to her and ... BAM. I finished the race , I was proud because I came 3rd.

After that horrible experience was over, I ran straight to the tap and drank all of the water I could. My throat was filled with glorious water, and now it was soothed. I went and sat down slowly since my legs were aching. The most fun part of the day was when I crossed the finish line and came third. I was surprised because I thought I would have never survived this race.


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