Monday, September 20, 2010

NRL Quarter finals pays off for the Sydney Roosters !(

As we look back to the previous matches (or highlights) of the roosters, many mistakes were made. A big change and difference was made when the Sydney Roosters took on the Penrith Panthers. This match was crucial to win because it was sudden death match. The Panthers struggled to gain possession as many errors were made on the their half.

This gave the Roosters more action with the ball. When the opportunity opened up for the Roosters, the used it to score the opening try. This was like against the cats or as we know them as The "WESTS TIGERS". Todd Carney( a great example of a play maker and player of the year) stood out in the match after a miraculously pass which was used to lead the score board.

The Tigers couldn't match the Roosters pace ans speed losing 19-15. Any way back to the game. Many players were approved at breaking line . Well in this match, that's what happened. Vigor was on the Roosters side as they stumbled over the Panthers. After another try to the Roosters. The panthers left furious and frustrated after the Roosters left 12-0.

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