Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who were the Spartans?

Spartan boys were been taken away by their family left as seven years old. They were trained only for war. They had no luxuries, and left their hair long. They became as police men and became soldiers

The Spartan men were trained only fighting and that's all, either for their city or anyone else who would pay them. The other work was done by slaves captured by spartan soldiers and they were called Helots.

The women of Sparta feasted and celebrated when a son who won a battle. But if their sons were defeated, they could be killed by their mothers in shame.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Are Hieroglyphics?

The word Hieroglyphics is a hard word to say,but it is even harder to spell.The word are made up with 2 Greek words meaning sacred carving.They usually show pictures of trees,animals or a weapon that represent words syllables and sounds.

The name of the marks was mostly found in temples and palaces in Egypt.All the building that were built thousands of years ago,still stand tall today.

In 1799 a Hieroglyphics stone called the Rosetta stone was discovered.They used it to find out how to work out sounds.It was a decree carved by the priest to remember the crowning of a King and copied it underneath. It had 3 types of translations so they could easily find out the secret language and read more.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Coast Of Japans Double Disasters.

A Huge tsunami engulfed the coast of Japan.Houses were torn down, Japan was annihilated and and we can not do any thing about it. A earthquake had formed a tsunami which that tsunami had covered the coast of Japan!
That is a double disaster! A lot of people were missing and the people can not find most of them. A lot of people were evacuated out of there homes.
But sadly, for the people that have died we wish you the best.

A massive 8.9/9.0 magnitude hit the Pacific Ocean nearby northeastern japan at about 2:46pm in the middle of winter.The Japanese people had known it was coming because of their phones started to shake but they did not know that this earthquake was going to big.

That Earthquake had caused blackout,fires and tsunami’s.The Buildings didn't fall down from that earthquake because they had built the buildings to be earthquake proof.The Large Earthquake had triggered a tsunami warning to all the Pacific Islands.The disasters from the earthquake has been put on the news all over the W-O-R-L-D!!It was that bad it was a State Of Emergency!!!When you watch it on the news it is a terrible sight for the Japanese people that are living on the coast Japan. A gigantic earthquake had stroke the people of Japan.It was winter there in Japan.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Holiday Highlight

It was a lucky night where me and my family and I in Australia got to go to a restaurant in the gold cost.We had to walk and it was a very long way to get there and while we were walking we saw some large Crabs it was freaky because they were moving there mouths in a sideways motion. But finally we arrived at the restaurant that my Auntie

When we had arrived the place looked awesome because there were mini hot balloons that you get to sit in. Me and my family ordered some ribs and a all you can eat pancakes. First I had a pancake with melted butter it was okay but not sweet enough so I was going to have another but my dad insisted I have some ribs so I had a couple of ribs then dug back into the pancakes.

My second pancake was with butter and golden maple syrup the butter melted in my mouth then the golden syrup dripped out of my mouth. My third pancake had topping of ice cream and syrup. I was going to have another but my dad said “to only have one more and you only get a half pancake” “Okay” I said.

After all of those delicacy's we had we all had sore stomachs and was completely full of food. That night I slept great. That was a trip to remember.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WaterSafe Pools2Schools Programme

On Sunday December 19th 2010, there I was in the Sunday Star Times - along with Chris and Kids from Pt England School. Check out the article here:
WATER-WISE: Starford Toa in the portable pool at Auckland's Pt England School, where pupils are getting water education.

If schools can't get their students to a pool, why not bring the pool to the school?
It sounds far-fetched, but that's exactly what WaterSafe Pools2Schools programme is doing in Auckland.
Chief executive Sandy Harrop says schools face a lot of barriers when it comes to giving their students an aquatic education.
"These barriers are identified by schools as support for teachers and the cost of pool entry, tuition, transport [and] time out of school," she says.
Pools2Schools breaks down all those barriers by bringing the pool – and all that goes with it – to the school.
The programme was trialled at Papakura's Red Hill Primary school last year using a 10m by 5m vinyl portable pool borrowed from Premier Exhibitions.
Deputy principal Charlotte Castle said that when the school started working with WaterSafe, it realised a lot of its students didn't even know how to float. Now, thanks to $95,000 of KiwiSport funding, Pools2Schools has its own portable pool, water filter system, heat pump, scaffolding, marquee, security fencing and trailer.
It also comes with WaterSafe Auckland's aquatic education facilitator Chris Burton, who teaches the students and the teachers. Burton says Pools2Schools is not just about teaching kids how to swim 200m – a goal set out in the national curriculum.
"That's not necessarily going to help you in a rip," he says. "It's about building a knowledge base and decision making."
Decisions such as when to signal for help, how to fit a life jacket and how to duck-dive under big waves.
For the past seven weeks the covered pool has been at east Auckland's Pt England School. When the Sunday Star-Times visited, Year 5 students were learning how to use their hands like ice-cream scoops and how to stay warm and float in the water.
"I feel like a safer swimmer," 10-year-old Crusader Faletagoai says. "I didn't know how to do it properly before." Classmate Prince Scanlan says he's going to show his three and six-year-old sisters what he's learnt in the pool this term. Teacher Helen Squires says the students have also enjoyed lunchtime classes in the pool with Water Polo NZ, Surf Lifesaving and Olympic swimmer Hayley Palmer. Fellow teacher Jody Wild says her Year 1 students have "come along in leaps and bounds".

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Goint To Mrs Slade

When the second bell goes I go to Miss Slade’s class and sit where I sit last time. When it time for us to start she said to open our net book so we can start. The First thing we do is write about the weekend. Who finish early can draw and wait till Miss Slade tells us to finish what we are on and be ready to draw are picture to put on our folder so it can be petty. I did are flower picture and put my name at the top.

Taking Charge

This year Pt England School is all about being Responsible and Taking Charge.
Room 17 has made a movie to show some of the ways we take charge.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Our New Netbooks

I can’t wait until we get to take our netbooks home, because we can go on them at anytime and anyplace to do lots of very cool things. Our netbooks are going to help us to get ready for the future, by being able to use a computer because lots of our jobs will involve using them.

Everyone was ready and waiting for Mrs Burt to walk through the door, with all of our brand new netbooks. Lots of teachers helped us to set them up.We got lots of support from teachers that don't even come to this school, but they still helped all of us.

It was very frustrating at times when the internet didn’t work, and we had to go back to using plain old pencils and paper. We had to be patient and wait for a teacher to come and help us if we had problems. I thought it was intriguing how small our netbooks were, but they can still do most of the things that our big i-macs can do.

The Seed by Isabel Pin

We read a story called the Seed.It was about 2 cockroach groups called the Chafes and the scarabs.One day a seed dropped right in the middle of there territory. They both tried pulling it to there side at the same time but none of them manged to pull it over there side. So the captions of each team dicied to have a war just of the seed. It took years just to get ready making armor and prepping our weapons.But as they got in there places for battle they found out that they seed wasn't a seed any more it is now a tree growing plums.The branches were going on each sides so they could share the plums.
The End

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake Click here to see photos of the Christchurch earthquake.On tOn the 22nd of February a devastating Earthquake hit Christchurch. This is the second time it has happened. The Earthquake had demolished Christchurch, and turned it into a disaster zone.

While the earthquake was happening there were tumbling buildings that were crushing people. It must of been sad for the families that have lost a family member, or family members, that got crushed under all the debris and rubble The Prime Minister named it as New Zealands darkest Day.

The people that got crushed under the rubble got seriously injured or even dead, thats how bad it is. So far the death toll is 75, and their are 300 people missing. If you didn't see anything about it you go on Google and type in Christchurch earth earthquake.