Friday, November 27, 2009

What do we eat for breakfast in New Zealand?

We have made a movie to show you what we might have for breakfast in New Zealand.
I have toast with jam on top, and sometimes Weet-bix.
Weet-bix is a New Zealand cereal that we eat in the morning.
Weet-bix looks like biscuits, and I put sugar and milk on top.
I like butter on warm toast so it melts.

Starford Korero

Every friday P.T England school has koreros, our principal Mr Burt comes up with an idea to keep the children safe and healthy.  He thinks of korero like where's your adult (sometimes the year six kids help him with it) I am going to show my movie about stop think and do, I hope you like it! 

Wheres your adult

Every Friday , Pt England school has a korero a korero is when our princeable Mr Burt has a talk to us about some things that will help us do not just at school but any where. Mr Burt comes up with a idea for us to us to help us to grow up and be and good person to lots people.
this movie is about kids like me when the are going somewhere they they will have to have an adult with them . that is what my movie is about.I hope you enjoy my movie.

Kingston Korero Movie

Hi my name is Kingston I am from Pt England school and I am in room 12. I am going to show you my  korero movie and it is about being a true friend.  Every Friday Russell Burt our principal talks to us and we call it a  korero.

Korero - talk time!

Every week on Friday our principal [Russell Burt] gives the school a new  Korero.   A  Korero helps the kids learn better things at school and helps to communicate better.  My movie is about being a true friend. Like bring them in when there feeling down.  I think Koreros are important because  it will help me with my work, help me feel better and will help my friends.

Stop Think and Do

Hi my name is Waata and my school is Point England. My movie is about our korero at school it is Stop think and do. Every week our principal[Russell burt]comes up with a new korero. This movie is about stop thinking and doing. Watch this movie and it will surely make you laugh. Incase you're wondering what a korero is. It mean's to talk.

Crusader Korero

Hi my name is Crusader and I am in Room 12 from Pt.England School.  Every week our principal (Russell Burt) gives the school something we call a Korero.  A Korero is something to help Pt.England School get better at what we are doing.  I think the Korero is important because it helps our school get better at our working and fixing up our mistake's.  My movie shows how Pt England School can be nice to each other and to Be a True Friend.  Enjoy!

Litia Stop Think and do

Lucky people

Hello My name is Brooklyn I am here to tell you about my movie, but first I might need to tell you about a korero.  A korero is when people tell you like  what you should do like be kind to other people.  Every friday we have another korero, our principal Mr Burt is the one that thinks of the korero with  help with the assembly crew. 

My movie is about wheres your adult and that one was not are principles one that was the assembly crew " bravo" is what Iled say would you? The korero is best for fire works and halloween.  Have ever had some one come up to you and say wheres your adult? This is a reminder  of what you should do - I hope you like you like it. 

About our Korero

Here at Pt england school our principal gives us koreros this means talking about and every Friday we have a assembly. Our principal gives us a korero to help us in our learning. Each year he gives us diffrent korero. Sometimes we do the same korero. Sometimes people - our year six assembly crew do plays to show us the korero. I think that koreros help us with our learning and reminds us to do the right thing.

My movie is about responsibilty.  Darius Room 12

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me

We had been reading lots of stories about the Big Bad Wolf. But was he really that big or bad?
He always got caught or beaten in the end. In fact we felt a bit sorry for him.
Room 12 wrote these lyrics and made this film from the wolf's point of view.
It was shown in the Manaikalani Film Festival to day.
Wolf - Ahsin
Little Red -Shoal
Rapunzel - Makalita
Prince 1 - Kobe
Prince 2 - Starford
Woodcutter - Crusader
Jack - Gabriel
Pigs - Kingston, Dante and James
Granny - Rita
Singers - led by Rita