Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mighty Vikings

Vikings are Scandinavian traders. They are known to be a type of pirate, wearing : Helmets with horns on the sides, with braided facial hair. These people are proudly strong and fierce, fighting wars to protect or claim their land. The word viking is used to refer to explorers, mariners or pirates.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The First settlers In New Zealand

Polynesian people came to NZ by canoe. Some of them voyaged in a single hull with an outrigger or a double hull.In full length, these canoe's were 15m-25m.These Vessels were made out of planks lashed together and woven sails.

Trained navigators used the stars as their guide to search for land.Signs of birds feeding at sea would give them and idea that land was near. To get to Aotearoa, the Polynesians had to get thru the stormy seas.

By Joshua and Joe.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

On Tuesday the 19th of July it was the first day of Term 3 for Pt England school. When I walked inside the hall I was surprised because I thought I was trapped on an Island filled with Pirates. When I sat down I was so keen to find out about Term 3's topic and then suddenly the screen turned on and it had the words 'MIGHTY MARINERS'!
I can't wait to find out more. Stay tuned to our blogs as we learn about Mighty Mariners and share our work with you this term.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Serving Umu Food

The cooked food is carried to the table, from the umu, so every one can eat it. Before any one eats the minister prays. Then everyone helped themselves to the food yum!. It tasted delicious.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tuna on the Umu

Into the umu, goes large plump tuna, that was sent from niue, by plane. The tuna is cut up into big chunks , then wrapped in coconut leaves. Then it is dumped on top of the umu, because it doesn't need so much time to cook.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Umu Niuean Style

In a umu, there are different kinds of foods that go in to the pit. Vegetables like kumara, potatoes and taro are cut up in to chunks, and wrapped up in to coconut leaves.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Positive:Team work was good and all working together.We have great graphics and were using animations that were fantastic and good enough to go on P.E.N.N. That was our goal. The people that were in my team was Matthew R,Joshua,Erene and me.

Our team worked like Brothers and we really knew what we were doing around at the time on the computer.

Minus:The thing that had bothered me was that we could not do our whole animation because we were to lazy. We had done all of the voice over but not the animation. I reckon that I could of done more than what I had done before.

The thing is that we kept talking to much. We also had to keep changing our script and making heaps of mistakes when we recorded our voice over because we bursted out laughing.

Interesting:The interesting thing was that we hardly did anything with our animation. I personally think that all of us were lazy and that we could do way better than what we have done right now. But at least everyone communicated in our team and we all knew what our members were doing.

I actually was surprised of our animation. But we had actually finished our stuff. But for my personal opinion. Joshua was a worker that worked hard. I would give him an 18/20 because he always works hard and even if he talks to people, he gets the job done

Well that's it for the PMI(Positive,Minus,Interesting) and that's what I think we should of done

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rugby World Cup

Below is just a brief report on some teams weakness and Strengths. Also key players and their chances of winning the World Cup. Read more to find out about Australia, South Africa and New Zealand

Australian rugby is a well known side for their stand-out players like Stephen Larkham, Stirling Mortlock and George Gregan. They are known for there outstanding attack and kicking. This is why they are in the Tri-nations. They have won a World cup a couple of times, but if they want to do that again in 2011, they would have to improve there scrums.

Scrums for the Kangaroos is a weakness, that showed when they faced England on their 2nd test match. And they lost 20-21. Some say that it's there forwards fitness but others say they put on to much beef. I think that it's fitness. Skipper Rocky Elsom really needs to encourage his boys when the time comes for the cup. Both Rocky and Gituea needs to tell their forward pack to step up.

Elsom has a lot of rookie's that he needs to handle. But with his skill, he can bring them up to world class level in the test matches. Hopefully before the world cup.

In the England and Australian game and the Australian-Fijian game. Adam-Ashley Cooper kept on being shut down when he ran the ball up, So did Giteau. They have a good kicking game. Quade Cooper and Matt Giteau really know how to break the line but if they want to win the world cup they would have to do now and again. There chances are in my point of view would be 8/10 because the Springboks forwards can smash the Australian forward pack.

You don't need to say much when you hear the words "Springboks rugby" or "South African Rugby", you would already know who there talking about. World No.2 rugby team Springboks. They are prop ably the best rugby team now because they have made history in 1995 when they had to take on New Zealand in the finals.

Jonah Lomu was playing for the New Zealand team. He was known as a monster when he scored four tries in the semi-final against England (and he was only in his young years of world class rugby). Amazingly, South Africa beat what seemed to be the impossible New Zealand side 12-9 at extra time. New Zealand had a chance to win when it was locked 9-9. They passed the ball to Andrew Merhtons but Mertohns missed the drop goal and so they won. They also won the 2007 world cup.

The Springboks have a lot of confidence when they play. They have a lot of key players like Morne Steyn, Bryan Habana, Victor Matfield, Joe Peterson, Wynand Oliver and BJ Botha. These players are the skippers, the magic men of this side. Victor Matfield is a really good Captain and he knows when to speak up on, and of the paddock. Matfield is one of the oldest and most experienced South African athelete for rugby. He plays with great dignity and he also works hard until the last second of each match.

The South Africans Skipper Joe Peterson had a good season when he was playing for the Bulls. He was a player that knows how to break the line and find gaps now and then. Missing vital tackles for him is impossible because he has such a good tackling technique. Bryan Habana and Morne Steyn is one of the greatest combinations that is known for try-scoring and line breaks. Unlike Richie McCaw and Daniel Carter, Steyn is a Five Eighth who kicks at a good pace and possession.

My bets are on the South Africans with all my money because firstly there only weakness is if the opposition passes the ball to the wing. But if your the opposition then be bright and don't go to Habana's wing because he might intercept or just cut you down. So be aware or be in your top shape because your not then they will beat you to the death 50-0 (in my opinion).

New Zealand, is one of THE BEST RUGBY countries in the WORLD. Colin "Pinewood" Meads is the best rugby player in all history. New Zealand are well known for there outstanding attack and defence. But the only thing that puzzles me is that they only one one World Cup in all HISTORY.

Now the All Blacks only have a handful of key players, strengths. Richie and Carter is an elite combination for this side and in my opinion there our only hope to win.

The reason why is because the men that should still be skippers like Rokocoko or Muliiana is not performing as they used too. Joe never breaks the line any more and Malili is a bit off his game. Malili is our ONLY fullback because the rookie Israel Dagg can't play world class like him. Hooker Kevin Mealamu is one of of two people that are over thirty, so he should be as good as Carter or McCaw since he has lot's of experience. Kevin had a good game against the welsh, he was fast at the breakdown and worked hard to recycle the ball.

Nz needs to test the oppositions weakness, and do there homework on other key players. Testing weaknesses is what we haven't done. A key for Nz when they face the Kangaroo's is that they have to use their scrums in order to beat the Australians. Spreading the ball against the Springboks needs to be done. If Nz don't win the World Cup or get to the finals the people would say that that is Nz's last chance. People also say that France MUST take over Nz's place in the Tri-nations if they don't win or become second

The 2011 World Cup is coming up and all teams that has been talked about needs to be ready for every game. If they don't Some other teams from the six nations might whip either one. Every team has an opportunity at the same time as every team has a weakness so what Nz, Sa and Oz needs to do is polish their weaknesss. Good Luck to all teams

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Art Step by Step

This is my kowhaiwhai pattern I first made on paper and then
I animated it on the computer. Each element represents a member of my family.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Curse of the Baby-Sitter

Knock Knock. There it was again. That annoying sound. Knock Knock. I decided it was time to face him. My brother. My little brother.Knock Knock. Okay, it was time. I unlocked my bedroom door and stomped towards my little brother's room. Strange. He was asleep. And it couldn't have been my elder brother knocking because he was at a friend's for the night. It was dead silent. And it was dark. Very dark. The only place it wasn't either of those things, was in the living room.Brr. It was cold. But how could it be when it was in the middle of Summer? I was scared. I started to whisper to myself to create my own company. Shivers slithered up my spine. Who was here?

I tiptoed towards the living room, silent as a mouse. I peered over the sofa.I only saw mum and dad all dressed up fancy looking like they were going--- Uh oh. It couldn't be happening. It just couldn't. Not tonight. Any night but tonight. Mum and dad were going somewhere. Without me or Justus. This was no robbery, this meant Aunt Jen was here.
"Oh there you are sweetie!" mum said in a high voice. She turned around, holding a pizza box. That confirmed it. They were out for the night, without me or Justus. "Yawn!" my little brother walked slowly in to the living room stretching his arms out saying,"Mum? Where are you and daddy going?" Mum and dad looked at each other for a brief second."Ummm.......Well we're, we're.... going to school! Why? Do you want come with us?" Mum and dad smiled slyly. Here we go again. The same old excuse. But it only worked on Justus. He absolutely HATED school. " So where is she?" I said as I folded my arms. "Where is who?" Dad said trying to act as if he didn't know who she was. "You know who." I said firmly. "Oh, okay..... Aunt Jen is just outback getting a few things for your special surprise." Mum said slyly .Hmmm. What did "special surprise" mean?

I raced in to my room, bounced on to my bed and continued reading my book called : The Candy Crime:A Lost Licorice. I locked my door and lay in bed. I did NOT want to see Aunt Jen. I'd rather eat a ton of broccoli. "Toreka sweetie!" the evil voice sang,"It's dinner time!" Oh no. My stomach started doing flip flops. Aunt Jen is not the best of cooks, trust me. "Are you hungry sweetie?" she chirped, "I know you wanted my special broccoli pudding,(Yuck) but Mummy insisted on pizza!" "Gasp! Pizza!" I said in my mind sitting up. That's right! I ran to the dining table full of excitement. To my surprise, the pizza was half gone! (Aunt Jen and Justus weren't big fans of pizza-I guess they were hungry) I quickly sat down and got my self all the cheesy bits, (The pizza was called Double Cheese Extreme) When I finished, I did NOT say thank you. After all, Mum was the one who bought it, NOT Aunt Jen.

"Okay," said Aunt Jen rubbing her hands together,"Who wants to see the special surprise?" Only Justus jumped up and down. I couldn't care less. She pulled a colourful bag and whispered,"Take a peek." I didn't care what she had said, I just wanted to see the so called ," Special Surprise". I closed my eyes and reluctantly, ever so cautiously, reached in. To my surprise, I did NOT feel her pet mice, NOT her yuck broccoli pudding, NOT her boring brick collection, but it was something I actually liked. It was "The Candy Crime 2:Curse Of The Candy Cane" I smiled full of happiness. Where's Justus wasn't happy at all. He had gotten a yo-yo.(He's used to flash gizmos and gadgets ) And he was NOT happy about it. I poked my tongue out at Justus and skipped happily to my room. I stopped and turned around. There was Aunt Jen, staring at me. Oh boy. Here we go again. When would this nightmare end? "Thank you Aunt Jen" I muttered quietly as possible, making sure she couldn't hear me. Shockingly she replied,"You're welcome."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pt England Under 50kg Rugby Team

13 games so far, 2 tournaments 4 games.
Right now we haven't loss a game so its 13-0 and our next game is against Fair Burn. I think are going to win, and our team is positive that are going to win. Ya!

Meet our Pt England's under 50 kg rugby team. Here are our players. Kane, Lepa, Matthew T, Dominiq, Kayde, Kaiden, Aidan, Onosai, Gabriel, Dante, Starford, Heremaia, Potaua, Shawn, Miracle, Misi. That is our terrific team

Our coaches are Colin (my dad) and Roger (my uncle). They are really great coaches, even the team thinks so. But sometimes that get mixed up and teach us the wrong skill, but we correct them.

Our team has 1 training a week,that is fine for us.Coach Colin recommends that we should have 2 trainings a week so that we can pick up our game,and make our score something Nill.

I feel that our under 50 kg rugby team is going to be the Auckland champs this year.And I'm confident that our team will not give up,and will come to trainings every week unless there sick.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where Is Mum?

It was a Saturday night, and I Mina was waiting for mum to pick me up from the movies. "Mum ,mum come" I said in my mind. I was sick of waiting.

My phone had dropped in the middle of the movie. I was panicking, my blood pressure had started to rise. Mum got me this phone only YESTERDAY for my birthday !!! I looked everywhere, but it was pitch black dark. I tried to stop the movie, and find the light switch. This phone meant more than my food and my car. How would I contact mum?

I just thought of something, I could ring my phone on Lucas's phone. "Oh NO" I said the movie had finished and the security guards, opened the doors. They thought something suspcious was going on, so they lifted me up and took me outside, I shouted at the top of my lungs "NO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND".

Lucas quickly came running, " Mina, Mina are you alright" he said, " Yes, yes I am fine", I replied with anger. I started to cry. I quickly thought if Lucas and his mum could drop me off home, I heard someone say, " Bye Mina", but who? So when I turned around to tell Lucas if he could give me a ride, he was gone.

So I was lonely with no-one, shivers came down my spine like the night sky did, but I could go into the movies and use there phone but the clock striked 12:00am and only people with Id's could go inside and I forgot mine at home and I would get kicked out by the guards again. I stood still angry and scared.

As I stood still for Five minutes a man or lady (I couldn't tell) came from the mist and shouted my name "MINA, MINA", who was it I wondered with fear, but as the voice got closer it started to sound familiar, it was....


Friday, July 2, 2010


On a beautiful morning, tourists were making there way to see the Pink and White terraces. Then out of the fog came a omen waka ( boat ) with 8 warriors in it. Some Maori people thought it was a sign of bad luck.

9 days later, the ground began to shake and rumble, then suddenly BOOM!!!. Mount Tarawera erupted leaving behind it's mark which was a crack as long as 17 kilometres. The most terrible thing was that it destroyed the world-wide famous Pink and White Terraces. It was really important because it was one of the Great Wonders of the world.

The year 5 and 6 extension group have finished Their spectacular project. Over here you can see that this is my mini animation. It gives you a bit of information about the devastating disaster. So sit back and enjoy.

If you want to see the next part of this movie , click on this hyperlink:

Ala has made the next part of our story.