Friday, July 23, 2010

The First settlers In New Zealand

Polynesian people came to NZ by canoe. Some of them voyaged in a single hull with an outrigger or a double hull.In full length, these canoe's were 15m-25m.These Vessels were made out of planks lashed together and woven sails.

Trained navigators used the stars as their guide to search for land.Signs of birds feeding at sea would give them and idea that land was near. To get to Aotearoa, the Polynesians had to get thru the stormy seas.

By Joshua and Joe.


Mauina said...

Hi Room17

I never knew that people actually lived like that back in the day.

Can you guys imagine carrying water from one side of the canoe to the other!!!

Tuipulotu said...

Hey Joshua & Joe I realy liked how you discribed how long the canoe is and how they were trained to navigate. Some of the facts I just learnt now.


Shoal said...

Hi Joshua and Joe,

I think your paragraphs were fantastic! You described how the waka looked very well. There are some things I did not know in your story.

I cant wait until your next peace of writing!