Thursday, July 15, 2010


Positive:Team work was good and all working together.We have great graphics and were using animations that were fantastic and good enough to go on P.E.N.N. That was our goal. The people that were in my team was Matthew R,Joshua,Erene and me.

Our team worked like Brothers and we really knew what we were doing around at the time on the computer.

Minus:The thing that had bothered me was that we could not do our whole animation because we were to lazy. We had done all of the voice over but not the animation. I reckon that I could of done more than what I had done before.

The thing is that we kept talking to much. We also had to keep changing our script and making heaps of mistakes when we recorded our voice over because we bursted out laughing.

Interesting:The interesting thing was that we hardly did anything with our animation. I personally think that all of us were lazy and that we could do way better than what we have done right now. But at least everyone communicated in our team and we all knew what our members were doing.

I actually was surprised of our animation. But we had actually finished our stuff. But for my personal opinion. Joshua was a worker that worked hard. I would give him an 18/20 because he always works hard and even if he talks to people, he gets the job done

Well that's it for the PMI(Positive,Minus,Interesting) and that's what I think we should of done

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