Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tennis Coaching

Tennis is a common sport played in Spring and Summer. We started learning how to play tennis at school and boy was I excited about that. I couldn't wait.

When we got to the courts I felt a little bit nervous and excited at the same time. What if I miss the ball when someone serves it to me? If I did, I would probably be the worst tennis player in history.

Our coach, I mean our professional coach Marcel taught us how to do a forehand. A forehand was really easy. We learned how to do that hit in badminton all ready. All of us were pro's at it.

After learning the forehand we played a rally called King or Queen. It was like a real game of tennis. If you won, you would stay on and challenge another opponent. At the end if you were still the Queen or King you wouldn't have to do the awful punishment, which was 20 star jumps.

Tennis was a game I needed to play more often, because I LOVED it. It really got me going. I can't wait to play tennis again.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Did you know that a comet is made out of ice cream?(Just jokes)It is really made out of rocks,ice,and gas.Can you believe that the comets tail is not always at the back,when the comet is coming near the sun the tail is at the back.But when it passes the sun the tail is in the front.It is like the tail has to stay away from the sun I think.

As we were all waiting I really wanted to start,because when we finish making our comment we could eat it our comment .Mr Sommerville and Miss Garden had just finish and that mean that we were able to start now.We were all siting up to go first,I was lucky that Miss garden picked me and some other people to go first.When we got I got my Ice cream in my hand it was already melting so I had to start moving outside.

I was given duct for my ice cream so I started to roll it around my ice cream.When I was finish I got a cone.The dust wasn't real dust it was biscuit crumbs,Hundreds and thousands,also chocolate sprinkles.When I took my first lick is was really nice, that it made me wanting to have more dust on my ice cream.

Then there were the boys turn to put there dust on their ice cream,as they got their dust they kept no scavenging for more
dust. Lucky that Mr Sommerville was there because there wouldn't be any for other people.I poked my thump into my cone and it made a hole in my cone.

These are thing you can use to make a comment out of ice cream
Dust-biscuit crumbs,Hundreds and thousands,also chocolate sprinkles.
Tail- cone
Also ice cream.
If you want to make a comment ice cream you just have to follow the things that I have route down.
I hope you in joy having a comment ice cream.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Willow Park Camp

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived, it was Riverside camp at Wilow park. I had all my things packed and ready to go for an exciting week at camp, I wonder how I will feel down at Wilow park for the first time?

When I was in the bus, it was very hot, I was waiting for the doors to open for some nice fresh air. Then finally we have made it there, I had sweat coming down from my head. I ran out before every body and sat down waiting for what task we are doing for today.

The team I was in was with Luke, our group name was Fist Pumpers. My most exciting day of the week was the food fights with our team leaders. It was revenge for me, and my time to shine by throwing sponges at every body.

I’ve liked my holiday at Willow park for the first time, and thanks to Miss Bush I went. I’m so looking forward to the next River Side camp.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alex eats Comets

On Monday we had same ice cream. It looked like comets. Then Mr Sommerville got the cookie and he got a bag. Then Mr Sommerville take the cookie in the bag to me and the roller to crushed. After Mr Sommerville came to take the crushed cookie. Then Mr Sommerville got a bol.


They have been around for 300 millon years.

They can go week with out there head.

They can go a moth without haveing food.

They have live with dinosaurs.

2 pairs of membranous wings when present. Forewings are more sclerotised than hind wings. Wings are folded left over right when at rest

Oval and flattened body shape

The Lion and the Mouse

One hot day a lion was sleeping in his cave. Then a mouse came along and jumped on him then the clapped the little mouse. The ‘lion’’ said why did you wake? The mouse said please let me so the lion said your to small to eat so I will let you go. If you a in trouble just call me. The little mouse heard the lion roar then he ran to help. When he got their he saw the lion trapped in a trapper’s net. The lion said,”Iam the king of the animals.Your just a little mouse.” So the mouse said,’’ I can gnaw.” So he kept on gnawing g till the net was broken in to little bits.” Oh thank you,’’ said the lion. “I will not laugh at you any more.

Ice Cream Comets

Did you know that some comets are edible? Well our class made some, out of Icy cold Ice cream an Ice cream cone and some biscuits and sprinkles. My comet had Chocolate ice cream on it,(Actually comets are made out of ice and dust).

There was people rushing out the door like a stampede. They were rushing because when the ice cream melts in your hands you will have a melted comet! Though I couldn't wait to eat mine even if it did melt. I ran out of the door as I was inpatient to start eating. I could taste it all ready.

The Rocks and Sprinkles were crushed and bashed to try and make it smaller, but it ended up looking like dust and not so much as rocks. When I tucked into my ice cream my teeth felt cold, my friend said that I had sensitive teeth. Even though my teeth felt cold I carried on do you want to know why? Because it was worth it!

The last lick felt good, also there was a sticky mess through out my fingers, but then I wanted more ice cream. So then I scavenged around for more because they were bringing trays out with delicious lumps of ice cream on it. I picked a lump of vanilla flavored ice cream off the tray and ate it, and by my surprise it was yuck! After that I was picking my teeth because I could feel bits of biscuits and sprinkles stuck in my mouth! Out side where they were putting on the biscuits and sprinkles, right beneath their feet was a huge crumbly mess!

After that I felt sick but I could still taste it. YUM!! I cant wait for another ice cream comet, and you should try it out, just be warned, you will have a big mess after. So if you are under the age of eight ask your parents!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Litia's Holiday Adventure

I knew this holiday in Napier wasn’t going to be the best ever, but it definitely wasn’t the worst. Our campground was pretty cool, and my favourite part of it was that there was a massive jumping pillow. This gave my friends an idea which we were eager to try out.

Our army of four dashed over to the pillow, cautious not to trip and fall.Outside it was dark and wet. The plan was just to play on the pillow for a while, have a short swim and then head for the showers.You’ll find out soon that it wasn’t very well thought through.

Getting on was easy, but when I tried to run to the other side I slipped straight away. I was a little bit sore but still wanted to try it again. Soon everyone got in to it and we would gang up on one person, to take them down.

In all the fun there were some low lights. I don't exactly know what happened, but it seemed that everything on the ground had ended up on the pillow. So when I slipped over I got lots of stinging cuts on my feet, knees and elbows.Ouch!

Not only did we get heaps of cuts, but we had to run back to the cabin in our towels. It was embarrassing but all worth it because we had heaps of fun on the giant jumping pillow.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Do You Know What Space Junk Is?

This is a presentation that I have done about space junk.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rita swims With The Turtles

I got the most amazing opportunity to visit the beautiful island of Samoa. As I was just sitting there watching the turtles in fear thinking about what will happen when I hop into the water, was so dumb of me. I was wasting the most best chance of getting to swim with turtles. Luckily me and my relatives went while the sun was setting. It was so pretty.

“C’mon Rita come in they wont bite” my cousin named Peter yelled out in Samoan. I could see the expression on his face was HAHA you scared pants. Glancing to the right side of the shore I could see that my other little cousin named Methra was riding on a turtle. She made me look like a wuss because she is younger than me and she was already in. Out of the blue I stood up walked in and touched a baby turtle. Just like that.

Then suddenly somebody seized my hand and dragged me into the water. I was so surprised to see that it was my one and only Auntie Sela it was so lucky she was strong because she pigi banked me because I was so scared. As I was on her back I could see how the Turtles treat each other. I saw one turtle slap the other turtle in the face I felt sorry for the one that got slapped.

As I was soaking my feet in the water, my cousin whose name was Cina asked me if I wanted to feed the Turtles, and obviously I said yes straight away. This was the best opportunity ever. As I was getting handed the Yese, as they call the fruit in Samoan, I could see that the Turtles were already eager to get some. Slink, the noise of the fruit being sliced sounded like, the fruit I was feeding them was almost finished. These Turtles are such fast eaters.

As the time flew by the sun was almost set and it was getting darker. So we ended our whole fun day with the best, feast, ever. Samoan Saka (which contained Taro), Fish, Chicken, Luau (Samoan food), and etc. So that was just one day filled with fun I just couldn’t wait for the rest of my week.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Space Quiz

What are Pluto’s moons called?

How many years does it take for Pluto to orbit the sun?

Quiz Answers

This is the answers to Darius' Quiz.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Albatross are unique birds. Watch my presentation to learn about an Albatross enemies while still an egg, young chick, older chick and an adult.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Canada and Fiji

The Countries I chose for my country research was Canada and Fiji. This is my movie. I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


My reading group have been reading a book called The Bittern. It is about a man getting the wetlands named after his last name. He gets this because when he was a young farmer everyone else drained their swamps to get more land, but this man thought ahead and didn't. He knew that there were lots of birds that for them, the wetlands were their home. So this is a presentation showing information about Bitterns which were native birds to New Zealand.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Japan and France

I have been researching about France and Japan.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Frog Addventure

H olidays - with Nana and Poppa every holiday
I n the pond that is were you can find Tadpoles
G ully is in the middle of a hell
H ighgate farm belongs to their nana and poppa
G reen is the frogs color and it is camouflage
A nd sitting on a log at the edge of the pond
T adpoles hiding among the raupo
E ach time the frogs were harder to see because they are green

I have been reading a journal story called Frog Adventure by Janine Kapa and Caroline Blair.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is a presentation about an extinct bird called the Bittern. It has been our task for the kiwi's reading group.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ka Mate Haka

This is my groups Haka it shows how it was invented.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All Black's Haka

This is a animation that I have drawn by the All Blacks Ka Mate Haka.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Do you know that cockroaches can last with out a head for a week?
Cockroaches have been around of for 300 million years.
Cockroaches can live with out food for a mouth.
It has 6 legs.
The can run over 300 kilometers.
It eats old food.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wales and Italy

As you may very well now the Rugby World cup is on and because of that, I have been researching about two countries. Those countries are Wales and Italy. I have been finding out Information all about certain things that people wouldn't usually know but anyway, I hope you enjoy!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Royal Albatross

In my Reading group I Have been Learning about Albatrosses and where they live. This is a Presentation that I made in Google presentation.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fiji and South Africa

I have been researching about 2 countries. Fiji and South Africa. I have included there climate, where in the world is it and many more. Check my movie out. I hope you enjoy!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rugby World Cup Country Research

I have been researching two of the countries playing in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Maui and Matau

On Tuesday we play maui and matau.the instructions was maui is left and matau is right.You have to stand in a circle and the leader will say Maui or Matau. You have to leave the Rakau where it is and step right or left. If you drop the Rakau your out.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thank You Lions Club and Duffy Foundation

On Monday the 26th of September the whole school had a Duffy assembly. Rooms 1 - 24 got books age appropriate for their class. The Bucklands Beach Lions Club hold activities to help pay for these wonderful books.

The books that have been given to us is to help us kids at Point England Primary school raise our academic levels. The book that I chose was The Fall Of The Blade by Sue Reid.
So thank you Bucklands Beach lions club for paying for these books.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Australian Football Coaching

Isn't AFL an Australia game? I was intrigued when I heard there were Aussie Rules Coaches,coming in to teach us how to play. We are kiwi kids!

The most difficult thing to do is Drop Punt. It was hard to aim at your target, as we had a contest. My partner was showing off as he was felling confident saying” Mr S catch this” as he missed kicking it to the side.

The second thing that our coach was going to demonstrate, is how to hand pass. It looked easy when she demonstrated it but it was not easy for us. As I tried to hand pass it veered off in an different direction and I said “Watch Out! as loud as I could.

Now it was time to handmark. You have to make your hands into a W. I dropped The ball as we had a game it was not to easy as I said “ No!

I’m looking forward to putting all these skills into practice, when we get to a real game of AFL next week.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Maui and Matau

I will till you about a game I have learnt. The game it called Maui and Matau, it is a Maori game.
The first thing you have to do is get in to a circle and have some Rakau. You have to hold onto the Rakau and let go when the leader says maui or matau. Maui means move a step left, matau a step right.

Friday, September 30, 2011

AFL Coaching

Isn't AFL an Australian game? I was Intrigued when I heard there were Aussie Rules coaches, coming in to teach us how to play. We are kiwi kids!

The first technique we had to master was the drop punt, in Aussie Rule coaching.Then we got up to playing a game and our teachers were our targets.”I am going to get you Miss Garden” but I didn’t manage to hit her with the ball.

As we were mastering the hand pass technique, it was really painful hitting the ball to our partner. We had hit it hard to get to were our partner was standing. 'Ouch' my hand is sore!

The last technique was the high mark.It means if you catch it on a full, no one is allowed to tackle you or touch you.It is good thing if you are next to the goal post, because you can get a point for your team.” It not as easy as it looks” I thought to my self .

I’m looking forward to putting all these skills into practice, when we get to play a real game of AFL next week.

Monday, September 26, 2011


In the beginning of the term Room 17 had a task. The girls got split up into how the HAKA got made, and the boys got to make a animation of the real All Blacks HAKA and got to pick a player. My player is Ma'a Nonu and this is My animation of the HAKA. I hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Logans Haka

For our hyperstudio stack, we had to put together a movie about New Zealand doing the haka. This is my movie. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Origin of the Haka

This is the whole movie of how the haka started. I didn't just do this myself. We got into groups and each person did a part. I hope you enjoy our ( Myself, Litia, Brooklyn, Rita, Chante) movie.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Polar Bears

Polar Bears lives In Arctic Ocean, they are the Largest Bears in the world.
The Polar Bear lives on ice and along the Shore.

The polar Bear has a very thick coat that keeps him warm.They walk with four strong legs with bumps on their paws for a grip on the ice.

Polar bear cubs live with their mum for about two and a half years. His mum protected him, even taught him how to hunt food.

Polar Bears hunt seals for their main food,The Polar Bear waits until the seal comes up and takes a breath through the little hole in the ice. And when the seal breaths, the Polar Bear gets the seal with his long sharp paws, and throws him to the surface of the ice.

One Polar Bear that lived in the zoo lived for 41 years.A Polar Bear that lives in the wild lives for 20 years.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Key - An historical file

I have been reading a story set in the future called Space Nuts Light Speed by Simon Cooke. Just like in this story, I have written a historical file about an object we use on earth, that someone could read about in the future.

Friday, September 16, 2011


This is the All Blacks doing the haka.If you push play the haka will began to play.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Run For Your Life

In the Wekas group in room 17, we have been learning to use information from the text to learn new words. We have been reading a book called When I Grow Up. One of our tasks was to draw a picture matching a phrase that people say often like, jelly legs or run like the wind. In this picture, I draw a picture matching the phrase, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Hope you like it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Badminton is a game of concentration, and of quick movement. It takes a lot of perseverance and determination,to be really good at badminton. Sometimes you will miss but practise makes perfection.

Their are three different strikes for badminton, one of them is the backhand. To do this you need to put your thumb in the grip position then turn your wrist when you’ve done this, you have got the backhand you use this strike when the shuttle is coming at you or when its coming to your left. Then there’s the forehand it is like the backhand, but you don’t turn your wrist. You use this strike when the shuttle is coming to your right.
The way to grip is to get your thumb and put it where the logo of the company is on the racket, slide your thumb on top of it. Once you have done that you have just mastered the grip for badminton.

In badminton if you don’t have much concentration, it is going to be hard to win. Concentration helps you figure out what to do and when to hit the shuttle. I only wish that I had lots of concentration.

Badminton is one of the most exciting sports that I’ve ever played. One day you should play badminton, and experience it for yourself I tell you will be amazed about how cool it really is.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Zealand's Haka

This is a movie about the Ka mate Haka. It is performed by the All Blacks but made by Te Rauparaha.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ka Mate Haka

This is a movie is about a All black haka that I have anamated.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Band-Aid - An historical file

I have been reading a story set in the future called Space Nuts At Light Speed by Simon Cooke. Just like in this story, I have written a historical file about an object we use on earth, that someone could read about in the future.

Band-Aids are used when people might fall over and get a little scrape.The Band-Aid was invented in 1920 by Earle Dickson, who's wife always got cuts and burns while cooking. Earle was an employee at Johnson & Johnson, when he passed his idea on to his employer he started to produce and market the Band-Aid. Earle Dickson had a successful career and became the vice-president of Johnson & Johnson, then retired in 1957.
In the future I don't think people will use band-aids, maybe by then someone would have invented a machine that you can just put your sore under and it will be okay.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rugby World Cup Opening

If you went into downtown Auckland, you could probably hear people yelling GO ALL BLACKS or GO TONGA!!!!!!!!!!!! We arrived at the queens warf and a swarm of people were crowded around the big screens showing the inside of the cloud. " We're nearly there!!" I said to my mum. Every where you looked you could see black, red and white. It would take a while until the fireworks would go off and then the All Blacks vs Tonga game would start but I was still excited.

We walked around and waited in sub way for our dinner until finally we got back to our spot and the intro started for the Rugby World Cup. It looked so cool and I wished that I was there. I was watching until I saw fireworks coming off the balcony of an apartment. BOOM!!!!! The fireworks had started, filling up the sky with colourful lights and smoke. It was truly spectacular. I took noticed that these stupid men were hopping onto the roof of a shop. One of the men was dancing until he fell through one of the vents. The opening was over and we went back home, only to find out that the All Blacks won 41-10. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Zealand - There's More Than Just a Cup!

New Zealand is a beautiful country, and a must do for travel holidays. There are multi cultural populations which have unique cultures. Also there are sophisticated restaurants in our vibrant cities.

New Zealand has a spectacular and diverse landscape, and a temperate climate.A lot of our lush rain forest,is conservation land, and protects our many native species. People in New Zealand are surrounded by oceans, because New Zealand is made up of islands.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Ka Mate

Marvin has animated the Ka Mate version of our New Zealand Haka.