Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joshua's 2010 Reflection

My reflection for 2010, this year, is that it was AWESOME!!!. It was one of those BIG ones. These were some of the highlights:

For example I breezed past my elearning task about Mighty Mariners and got
30/30! I couldn’t believe it. Usually in my previous animations I would
get 20 marks and under. It was like a miracle from Heaven!

Another subject I enjoyed was Maths. Some worksheets were quite challenging to
test my skills, but thankfully I used some strategies that Miss Garden
taught me. When our maths test came, I was up for this AWESOME
challenge. I was looking at acing this exam.

In writing , I have made lot’s of impact but I still need to limit the repetition in my writing.
That is one of the things that let’s me down sometimes. This year has been
“THE WRITING CLASS, for me so that’s what makes me good at it.

Like I said before, this year has been AWESOME and quite CHALLENGING in some
areas. I wonder what is going to bring us next year in Pt England year
7? Remember that STUDYING and WORKING hard is the key to success.

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casey said...

hey joshua nice to see yhu all im in high school already and say to the teachers for me and hello Mr Burt