Friday, May 25, 2012

Taeshell critiques Starry Starry Night

This painting was painted by the famous Vincent Van Gogh. He painted Starry starry night in the year 1889, one year after he painted Sunflowers. He is a very talented artist.

Blue is the main color for this painting, but the colour that stands out and makes it hopeful is yellow. Shining gold stars stand out from the blue exaggerated sky. The contrast makes it very cool, that's when it's bright up the top, then dark down the bottom.

There are different kind of objects. Like the cypress tree, and a church. There is also a small and peaceful village, shiny gold stars, swirly wind, and a bright crescent moon.

Can you guess what two objects stand out on the foreground? Well, it’s the cypress tree and the church. This is because they both are pointy. These two things balance out the painting.

Starry Starry Night is one of my favourite Vincent Van Gogh paintings. It surely looks better then, his other painting Sunflowers.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Equal Addition Maths Strategy by Jonita

Here, is a very simple example for one of the EASY strategies I've been using. Hope you enjoy!! Click on the picture to see better quality of the photo.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Starry Starry Night - by Esrah

Vincent Van Gogh had a very depressing life, but some times it felt great. He was really feeling good. Starry starry night was painted in 1989.

I think Van Gogh was quite happy at the time he painted this piece of art. The top of the painting is bright and the bottom is dark and sleepy, with specks of bright shining light from the windows. The stars are very shiny but the thing that stands out the most(on the top of the picture) is the crescent moon because it is sparkling like the water on a fine summer's morning. It looked like it was moving too, like most of his paintings.

Two objects that stand out are the Cypress tree and the church church steeple. Both were quite tall and slim, and both have a sharp tip. You can see the big broad brush strokes on the tree but not on the church. The church was man made contrasting with the natural tree. The tree looks like a big flame.

The patterns are very curvy . The colours all stand out and blend in together properly. Instead of it all being mixed up. The objects are blended in together a good way not a bad way.
Even to this day people admire his paintings. It is worth lot's of money. He is probably one of the best artist.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Antonio's Art Critique - Starry Starry Night

Hey did you know that one of the most famous painters painted the well known and valuable piece of art Starry Starry Night? And you know what that painting reminds me of? New life and deat. Here is some more of what I notice:

In the foreground is the steeple and the curvy cypress tree. The first thing that I saw when looked at the painting I noticed that there were two pointy objects the stand out to keep the painting balanced. The object that stood out the most out of the steeple and cypress tree was the tree because it caught my eye as soon as I looked at the painting.
Shinning Bright stars on a really exaggerated sky the main colour is blue and the colour that mostly stands out is bright yellow. I like the dark colour blue because it was bright for the swirl in the sky and dark blue reminds me of anger and death but the light blue reminded me of new life and happiness.

I like the painting that Van Gogh did and the way I look back at his painting is that it is very balanced. Looking at the two objects is what made it balanced and the way I look Back at my writing is that I have every thing that makes a paragraph and im proud of my writing.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Timoteo critiques Starry Starry Night

When Vincent Van Gogh was born he became a painter. His painting was about starry starry night and what he did was that he used broad brush strokes.

Vincent Van Gogh was painting a starry starry night picture. He used bright colours for the sun and the moon, but he used dark sad colours for the village. The sky swirling through the middle of the stars and moon.

Vincent Van Gogh painted the village because there were people living there in their houses.When Vincent painted Starry Starry night he drew houses with lights through their window so they can see outside.

His art work was really great. It is exaggerated because it was not real.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Swimming is the Bomb!


  In the past few days we have been swimming at the Glen Innes pools. Once we got there we had to swim, but it was to see what group we were in. At the end I was in group 3 the advanced group.

Our first activity was called “ kicking “. We had to kick on the floaters and go all the way to the other end of the pool. The thing about that is it was really really tiring. The most shocking thing of all is that we do it every day!!!

The favorite exercise I liked, was the 9 o'clock change. The 9 o’clock change is where you lay on your back and put one hand in the water, then one hand behind you. After that you have a push off and then your hand behind you,springs up into the air and then in a slit moment you put your “air hand” on the water and flip your other hand behind you.

Sounds hard but when you get the hang of it, it’s really not that bad as you think it is!!! Finally it’s the end of the lesson ohh but we still have a little bit of time left and we spend it on free time!!! My friends and I were lifting each other and slamming them into the pool.

I love swimming because im really good at it and it gets my stamina up and if you're hot (In temperature) it’s another way to “cool off”

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cheyanne - Swimming vocab

In the morning the classroom smell like chlorine and chemicals because from the towel and togs.

Flutter boards help us to float and swim In the water because we are still learning.

Rinsing off Is what we have to do before we hop Into the pool.

I got out of the pool and I was dripping wet It was cold.

We had to wait to get In the pool because room 13 was in the pools and I was shivering.

We had goggles to use from the lady so we could see In the water.

To breath we had to go on the side of our head so we don’t stand up to breath.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Swimming vocab in sentences

As I entered the pools a big wiff of chlorine and chemicals came and hit my nose.

Flutter boards help people float in the water well swimming.

Rinsing off is what everybody has to do before going in the pool.

Water was dripping wet on my shorts  and I was very cold.

Our teacher told us to come into the pool when I hopped in the pool I stuck my head in the water and when I pulled my head back up and my eyes started to sting.

When I was swimming it was hard to get my breath when I was swimming I have to stop swimming to breath.     
When I hopped out of the pool I got very freezing.       

By Zyrin

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swimming Lessons - by Lisia

“Come on,” I wanted to shout out to everyone in the classroom, I was just excited. Even though we still had time to do some other things before we went to the pools.

Finally it was time, time to start walking to the pools for our first swimming lesson. As we were walking, all I could hear are excited chattering kids and rustling plastic bags. Constantly stopping, we had to wait for th slow people to catch up.

When we got to the pools I hurried to the changing rooms, quickly got changed and had an extremely fast shower to rinse myself off. As I got out of the changing room I expectedly I smelt the stench of chlorine and chemicals as I was walking carefully to Miss Garden, hoping that I won’t slip and fall into the pool. When I finally arrived at the medium sized pool I looked down at the water and I started getting butterflies and I nearly fainted.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Jonathan Enjoys Swimming Lessons at Glen Innes Pools

In the morning  are class went to the pool. We started going on Monday. When we got there it   smelled like chlorine and chemicals.
Before we go in the pool, we do same rinsing to take the dirt and dust off us.  But before we go and start swimming, we had to go for a little swim and see which group we are in. I was in group one.

We use flutter boards to stay afloat when we are still learning how to swim. When we were finished we come back to school. This week is our last lesson.    

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Isara's Swimming Lessons

“Woo Hoo Were going swimming get you togs everybody” I shouted . I was soo excited that I just wanted to sprint down the street.But unfortunately we had to be sensible and walk.

Entering the pools the smell of chlorine hit my nose faster than a bullet . We ran to the changing room got changed and we were out in a zoom.

Our first activity was a test to tell what group we were in.I got put in group 3 which is the highest one.jumping into the pool I was so pleased.

My favorite thing about that day was getting to know that I was in the highest group.Most of the people in that group were girls but me and my friend wyatt were the only boys.

The next day was all about kicking and breathing . Guess what I swam 3 quarters of the big pool without breathing. I think I was the best at holding my breath.

I like swimming because I always come out happy. Next time I am going to try swim the whole pool without breathing.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Making our way to the pools, I could hear the rustling sound of plastic bags. Although it wasn’t
as noisy and the chattering children. As we wait for the other kids to catch up I was sooo eager
to start our swimming lessons.
Entering the pools, instantly I smell the scent of chlorine. Staring at the water, I just couldn’t wait
to jump.

 As I put my swimming togs on, they felt still a bit damp from the day before. “Ahh” I sighed as I
hopped in the hot shower. Walking out of the changing rooms, the feeling of coldness hit me like
a struck of lightning.
 “Okay slip yourselves in and grab a flutter board”, our instructor ordered. This was going to be
an awesome lesson, I just knew it. From the water yesterday, today's one felt a bit warmer.
 Pushing off the wall, I felt like a penguin gliding through the water. While kicking my way to the
end of the pool, I nearly caught up to one of my friends. Sadly she beat me. But not by far.
“Alright, that was awesome guys. Now we’re just going to do two more lengths then move on”
our instructor announced. Thinking to myself I just knew this was going to be piece  of  cake. Or
that’s what I thought.
  I suppose it wasn’t as easy as I thought at the start. Finishing my second length I was getting
so tired. Maybe I regret saying this was going to be an awesome lesson.
  Struggling to get out of the pool, a shiver drove up my spine causing me to shake  and shiver.
Making my way to changing rooms, I just couldn’t wait to hop in that hot shower again.
  Another nice, but tiring swim lesson. I hope tomorrow’s swim will be less tiring. Back to old plain school now.

Vocab list for swimming

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kaycee's Holiday

“I’m bored!” I complained to my nana and aunty. We had nothing to do. Suddenly my cousin brang up Mini golf. We thought it was a good idea so, my nana, my 2 cousins, my aunty and I hoped in the car and off we went.

Arriving at the Pirate’s mini golf near the airport, I rapidly hopped out of the car and grabbed my little cousin, Tahu. While I was grabbing my ball, I remembered that there were 2 courses. The Pirate Ship and the Cave.

Anxiously holding my golf club, it was now my turn. Hitting my ball, it skimmed along the course aiming for the hole. It took 2 tries before I got it in. This course was a par 2.

Placing the ball down onto the bright green felt, I softly hit it towards the middle of 2 bumps. When it didn’t go through I felt annoyed. After about 3 tries, I finally got it in.

One of the next courses after that was one with a big hole in the middle. If you got your ball in the hole then it would go down the waterfall. Luckily there was a opening at the bottom so we could grab the ball. First on this course was my nana. She hit hers into the hole after we had just told her not too! I scurried down to the opening where the ball should have come out. I was sitting there for ages! THEN they told me it was stuck at the top on a rock. TuAriki (my cousin) laughed at me. When it was my turn I took a while to actually get it in. First I got it around the hole then after a few shots I finally got it in.

On our last course, I really didn’t want to hit it because we wouldn’t get the ball back. But I did. Guess what... it only took 2 tries before I got it in.

It was really fun. I also hadn’t been to a mini golf place in ages! So I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Banana - by Deveraux

This yellow banana  looks  curved like a "C".  It  comes off  a  tree It taste  kumera. The  banana  is  soft  it  is  yum.  Tt  has  string  bits  on  it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Vincent Van Gogh was very depressed in his lifetime. 
He had been a teacher a preacher and an Art Dealer, but none of those jobs made him happy. So he started doing Art and he was really good ,but the people never liked it.

                                                             Self Portrait


The paintings that he did look like they were moving, but everyone didn’t like it because they were not used to moving paintings. He painted a picture of poor people in the dark at Night time.                                                           Starry Starry Night
  Vincent Van Gogh painted many self portraits of himself.                  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Jacobs Art Critiquing

Well do you have enough money to buy this work of art? It was sold for 40 000 000$ in an auction in 1987. I wonder what it would be worth now? The famous artist Vincent van Gogh used oil paint for his great paintings including sunflowers. The size of the magnificent sunflower painting was 73x90.

This painting must feel like a real sunflower because he just the slapped heaps of paint. It is so thick and bumpy. He must of wasted his money buying the paint because he just soars threw it he would even go without food to buy the paint. He slaps on the paint to the canvas and then he creates a master-piece.

There are not so many colours as I thought there would be. I wish it would be bright and happy and colourful with bright yellow, orange and red

Dark and Bright contrasts Dark Death and Bright Life. What do you think about sunflowers? are they as bright and happy as you think they are. Someone could send you old and dying sunflowers are they trying to send you a message? Or they could send fresh and nice sunflowers.

Most of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are sad and depressing it must represent his feelings of all the depression he was going through. He was so sad he cut a piece of his ear.

Sunflowers by Jacob


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Writing about Art - Van Gogh's Sunflowers


The Sunflowers are one of Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting. It looks amazing  and cool The size of Van Gogh painting is 73 92 cm that very big for a painting.              

Vincent van Gogh had rough and bumpy painting. His painting were so bumpy that you can see where the paint went. This man use light colours to show when his happy,    
and dark colours to show when he's angry.   

The thing I like about this painting is that he used bright colours like yellow, orange, brown and red. What I don't like about this painting is that he put too much paint on it and I don't like that.

Vincent van Gogh painted the sunflower because his friend Paul Gauguin was coming to him. He painted the room yellow and put paints on the walls. But paul did not came and Van Gogh.

This is one of the most famous painting in the entire earth. And Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous artist in the entire world.   

Friday, May 4, 2012

Art Writing and Marking of paragraph

This bright yellow painting of sunflowers was painted by Vincent Van Gogh It was about 73 to 92 centimeters  big. It was well known in 1888 and it was painted with oil paint.

The lines on Vincent Van Gogh painting was very very  thick and bold not normal lines. So he had to spend lots of money on paint. That’s mean he was starving because he no money  to buy food.

The way that I think of Vincent Van Goghs painting of sunflowers is it is very bright and happy for people around the world. When I look at it it reminds me of happiness and bright colors. What I don’t like  about his painting is the paint is very very thick and bumpy.

I think he never painted the sunflowers for fun. He painted the sunflowers for his friend that was coming over and his name was Paul Gauguin. Because
his walls looked  empty so he decided to decorate and draw sunflowers that’s why I think he drawn the sunflowers.

What I think about Vincent Van Gogh's artwork. I think it looks amazing and cool so that what I think about Vincent Van Gogh artwork.

Swimming Lessons

On Monday we waited for the girl to come then we jumped in the pool. Then the girl was teaching us how to swim.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sunflowers Critique by Antonio

Here are my Markings for my writing.

A extremely famous painter Vincent van gogh painted the well known picture sunflower. The sunflower was oil painted and did you know it was 73 x 92.  it was well known in 1888 when van gogh painted it.

The lines on Vincent van gogh’s painting were very thick bold lines not like normal one’s that other painter do. Van gogh’s texture is thick and bold not like the other artist that paint. The space that van gogh uses is that there is no spare spaces and that the colour is vibrant and colourful but show the colour yellow which means happiness.

The way I think about Van Gogh's paintings about the Sunflowers is that the paintings look very realistic. His painting are all beautiful and, I think it would be a awesome decoration for Paul Gauguin in his room. Why I think its interesting is because it reminds me of young and death and also happiness.

I think Van Gogh painted it because he was happy and he was so excited to decorate Paul Gauguin’s room and he was a very sad man with a sad life. I think that Van Gogh thought that it was going to be perfect for Paul Gauguin’s room. Why he painted it is because he was excited thats why he put yellow in it.

The way I look back at the writing I just did it just that it made sense and all the things that would make a paragraph. I think Van gogh lived a sad life, and some times he was cheerful and i think his sun flower paintings a very valuable. He got lots of money 40,000,000,000 dollars is the record.


Critique of Van Gogh's Sunflowers

This extremely valuable piece of art was painted by the artist Vincent Van Gogh in the year 1888. The size of his painting is at least 73 x 92 cm, it is called Sunflowers. Van Gogh used oil paint to draw this picture.

On this painting you could see big, fat, bold lines just popping out. Sometimes Gogh wouldn’t have enough money to afford food and paint so would starve for a week or more. 

 If you were ever to feel Vincent’s painting, all you will feel is lumps. This extremely famous artist would've used a lot of paint. That is how he got the brush stokes so thick. 

When I look at this painting it makes me feel joyful when I’m down in the dumps. The only thing I didn’t like is that it is a still painting, I prefer outdoor drawings. When you look closely at his paintings you will see that he picked half old flowers and half new flowers.

Vincent Van Gogh painted Sunflowers for a reason. Vincent bought a little yellow house and his friend Paul Gauguin was going to be his flatmate. Van Gogh painted at least 4 sunflower paintings to decorate his friends yellow room.

Well, this is the end of my writing so I bet you know heaps about Vincent Van Gogh.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Van Gogh by Taeshell

This term Room 17 has been doing research about Vincent Van Gogh. These are some facts that I found out:
     Van Gogh suffered from lead poisoning because, he was using lead paint so he could paint his pictures. The jobs that he tried was a preacher, teacher,  selling art in an art gallery, and then he became an artist.
     He also chopped off part of his ear, put it in a box then he sent it to his girlfriend, But she did not like it.
      His paintings are really cool. He would get a knife, put a lot of paint on it then just slam it down on a paper, and that's how he painted his paintings.
    Vincent Van Gogh died in the year 1890, two years after he painted the painting Sunflowers.

These are some of the paintings that I like.

This painting is called Olive Trees: Bright Blue Sky.

This is one of my favorite paintings, its called Irises

Another painting that I like is Starry Night.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

 This Term our topic is Art Alive. One of the artists Room 17 is researching about is Vincent Van Gogh.

This Is what I have found out so far :

This Poor Dutch man had a sad life and suffered from depression. His feelings are shown in his paintings.

In a fit of anger and depression, he cut off part of his ear and sent it to his girlfriend,  but she did not like it.

He got lead poisoning because he used lead based paints and he suffered poisoning from nibbling paint chips. He often didn't have enough money to buy food because he spent what little he had on buying paints.

Van Gogh got only a little money for one of his  paintings while he was alive. When he died millions of people then realized that he was an awesome painter. His work is now worth millions of dollars.

This painting is called Starry Starry Night , and it is very well known.

I like this painting too, its called Almond  Blossoms.

Now this last painting is my favourite, it is a self portrait of Van Gogh.
Vincent Van Gogh

Isara's Holiday

What did you do in your holidays ? Well I went to my cousins birthday to celebrate 2920 days of his life. He suggested I go Rock-Climbing with two of his friends.

Arriving In the car park we noticed that all the parks were full and that we had to park on the road. I jumped out and stretched and said “YAY” .I trotted towards the huge building that said Rock Climbing, I was looking forward to this.

Entering through these huge doors I was stunned to see  the structures that people climb, and some of them go upside down. I went to the counter, strapped  on my harness and sprinted to the wall. They hooked me up and I was off.

Touching the top of the wall I shouted “hooray” and as slow as a snail I let go and slid back down. Touching the ground I rubbed it in my cousin's face but when he tried he did it just as fast as me.

“Ok its time for dinner” My aunty shouted we raced to the bathroom washed our hands.Guess how many pizzas my uncle ordered ? Eight whole pizzas for nine people that's nearly 1 pizza each.

We packed up and went back home with one pizza each. I hope he invites me to his ninth birthday.