Friday, April 30, 2010

Volcano Art

For the past couple of weeks room 17 have been painting some amazing silhouette pictures of volcanoes. I have put an example of these silhouettes with a picture of me. We were told to be as imaginative as we could and I got out of it a thing like this. (I think it wasn't too bad even though we used pastels and paint)
On the 16th of April of 2010 Room Seventeen of Pt England were told they had a very hard task ahead of them as they had to create a picture of a volcano.We weren't to make any old picture, we had to design a type of painting called the silhouette. This is a type of painting which, in words is probably something at night. For example a tree at night which is heavily faded, actually black in colour just like my volcano.
It was honestly a very hard mission to complete. First of all we had to make a design. Secondly we were to paint colourful colours to suit the sky as a background. Third of all, we were required to let it dry over Lunch time. Fourth, we had to paint an outline of the volcano in black and coluor it with the same colour, Black. For the fifth and last task we had to go over ash with pastels and make lava flows with once again, pastels.
I really liked making these silhouettes because we got really dirty of paint and pastels.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I drew the car. It is going fast. It's going to Pt England School.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Want to Know More About the Treaty of Waitangi?

Kia Ora everybody, this is my second history event. I think this is way better than my last one, because the graphics are amazing I even have a recording voice over it. I told you it was way better.
This animation is about signing the Treaty of Waitangi. It takes you way back in the olden days.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tiger Expert

Today I am Rocheal Von Jure and I am a very famous Tiger Specialist. Ala the very famous reporter has just began a new show called Animal Planet and Guess WHAT? She called me up and asked me and said if I could be on her very 1st episode for peoples attention.
It has been an honour to be on her show.
Over here I have a video of me being on her very first show.
Please have a look at it. Thank You.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tha Boyd Incident

Kia Ora readers. This movie above is going to explain why we had to have a treaty. The main reason is because they had wars and arguments. This movie is another peace of New Zealand History. It is showing what happened after one of Captain James Cook's crew mates, mistreated one of the Maori chiefs. When the first boat of settlers, arrived on the boat called "The Boyd", the members of the tribe killed the people on that boat and destroyed it. This stood out to me that this was a DEFINITE incident. Watch and learn.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dillion Skating at Camp

My team went to Skateland. We put on roller skates to play on. It was lots of fun.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Patrick Kayaking at Camp

I was fun rowing the canoe because the waves were pushing me and it was spitting then we had to go.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Treaty of Waitangi

All of the maori's were being attacked by the Europeans but then the treaty was made all the maori chiefs such as Hone Heke's uncle the leader of Nga Puhi.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Troy Skating

On Thursday we went to the Skate-land. I go down to throw the limbo stick. I fell over on my bottom. It was sore.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Junior At Camp

At camp me, Patrick and Sosaia slept in a tent because Miss Allen told us to. The sleeping with Patrick was fun for me at camp.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pukekos Galore

Pukekos are birds that look like kiwis. Instead they stringy legs, and a patch of white feathers under their tail to tell them if there is danger nearby. They have a redish beak that helps them get things at the bottom of lakes. This very special species have iridescent blue on some of their plumage.

Pukeko's diet contains leaves, frogs worms, insects, spiders and the roots of some plants. They search for eggs and chicks left in nests. Also they were a pain in he neck to Maori's because they kept eating their kumara in recent times, farmers crops.

As most people know everyone has enemies,and pukekos had tons of enemies. At first it was just Maori people now I recent times,duck shooters,farmers and anyone who grows plants and crops. Because pukekos kept on eating their plants an thats how pukes made their enemies.

While watching pukeko's you should not be too loud and don't get too close, also make sure you tiptoe so they don't run away or fly to their new destination or else it will be a long walk too you see a new pukeko.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sosaia goes Ten Pin Bowling

Bowling was fun because I got the top score in my team. My score was 112. Troy had the second top he had 100.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our School Camp

"Hey!" I told myself, camp is today I remembered. As I walked to school I saw the lovely teachers, as they were putting up our tents up. As I was walking around school I was thanking all the people who were putting up our tents.
My group traveled by car and van to rock climbing.My best rockclimbing wall was the king kong
wall because it was very easy for me to climb.I can tell you now that there was another wall that
was easy too, because it was just like a lader but it had a lader on both sides of the wall. Ionly climbed on one side of the wall.
"Yeah" I shouted we are going to do camp cooking.Camp cooking was one ofmy best highlights at camp too.When the camp cooking teacher arrvied we set of to do cooking. The nice teacher said that we can try some of the food we made.When we set of back to our teacher we all said thank you.Then the she said that we "we arent finshed yet" we were going to make marshmallow cookies.
On the last day of camp kindness all of the campers went to Swimarama and had a wandeful swim.When my group went on the hydry slidet was 4th in line to go down and when I went down I feared the slide because it was so darkin their. I was screaming to get out,theni saw light and stopped screaming. When I was down I got out and started to laugh.I said to myself " let's do it again".
When I got home I walked in the door tired and sleepy.I sat on my bed just about to close my eyes and I heard "Aneisha" come here tell me about what happend at camp , I said my best highlight was rockclimbing, but it was all good.
by Aneisha

Mufti day

These are my friend's,today is a special day because as you know it is mufti day. For lunch, there will be sausage sizzles and also at the same time, a disco in the hall.The sad thing about it is that it's the last day of the term. Some people like having holidays but I like the holidays all the time, even if I have to tidy up the house. In order to have a sausage you must have ordered it from the office. As you maybe thinking where am I, well I'm pin pointed right in the center of everyone,siting way up on the solid brick wall.

Last day of Term 1

This is me and my friend Unaloto on movie Mufti day. Today there will be a disco in the hall, and prizes for best dressed.

For lunch we are having sausage and a drink. Tomorrow it is the start of the holidays.