Monday, October 29, 2012

Haiku by Esrah

Summer Winter

Summer is so hot winter is so dull

I enjoy the nearby pools   the pools are frozen
I like cold beaches the flu is common

Haikus by Gloria

Sunshine on my face
Family and friends playing
Hot sand burns my feet

Snowballs thrown around
Icy snow drops from the trees
Floating misty fog

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Robbery - by Jonathan

Last weekends`\\\\\\\\\ I was going to the shop to get some gum. As I walked in the shop I saw a mysterious man, he had a black mask in his hand. It looked like he had something in his pocket. He glared at me and then looked away.  

Paying for my gum as the same man came back with his mask on. He looked at me and “said what you name” and I “said why” because he said. He reached in his pocket and got a gun “give me you manye he said” no said the shopkeeper   it went quite . The man got his gun and shoot it to the shopkeeper the gun missed the shopkeeper he dodged them.

Then the shopkeep jumped up and kicked him on his face. He had a bleeding nose. Then the shopkeeper punching and kicked antille mysterious man got knocked out. The was a xbert at kick boxing and karate.

Then the police came he tried to run but he got tackled.I watched got . And when I got home.          

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Does the Author agree or Disagree?

We have been reading a book called "Impossible Bridge"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This Term's Inquiry Topic - by Wyatt

In class today I have finished making these words called "Toy Story" Can you see that all of these letters are toys???

Hopefully you can do this yourself someday.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Esrah's Biography Poem

My name is Esrah
I am Brown,Samoan,Tall
I am a big brother to Eden and Eva and small brother to Erene
Lover of, Butter chicken, rap, ps3, NBA and family
who feels depressed that the holidays have come to an end.
who needs air, water, food and life

who gives people a hard rugby game, and who gives money
who Fears scary clowns
who would like to see, God, Midwest choppers, Michael Jordan, Earvin ('Magic') Johnson, and many more NBA players,WorldWide Choppers, all of the legendary  sport  and rapping people. I would like to go to Alaska,Hawaii,Lebanon, Israel and the republic of Congo and all the country's in the world except for Iran,Iraq,Pakistan and Turkey.

.Resident of Mt Wellington in Auckland.

                                                                                                        The End

                                                                                         Thank You For Reading

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Robbery - by Takai

On my way to school I went  into the shop to  buy a coke. After I buy my coke I went out I saw a robbery at 7.09  am. He went into the shop with his van still on I ran back to the shop. I look in the shop and ran back home and called the police.

Friday, October 19, 2012

All About Me -by Antonio


 Tongan, Athletic and Cheerful.

Brother Of James, Raquel and Newborn.

 Love My Family.

 Feel Joyful and Excited To be back at School..

 Need My Xbox 360 Kinnect

 Give Love and Food to Anyone who needs it

Am Afraid of Ghosts and monsters

 Would Like to see My Aunty In Australia.

Resident of Glen Innes

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Skinks - by Faaao


Skinks are lizards. There are other kind of reptile and they are called Tautara and Gecko. Skinks are native to New Zealand. All the lizards in New Zealand are protected by the law.


The skinks in New Zealand has dry scales. They can camouflage to  hide from their predators. Skinks eyesight and hearing are excellent.

Eating Habits

Skinks are mainly carnivores, they eat berries, spiders, and any other insects. They eat anything like berries and meats.


The skinks predators are mustelids, mice, and rats. The skinks can  escape from their predators by letting the them take their tail  and grow another one or they can camouflage or run fast as they can to their homes.


Skink are very important to New Zealand and all the law are trying to protect them from the predators. Skink are native to New Zealand and that why they protect them. When you find a skink you will have to leave it where you found it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shot Put - by Taeshell

Shot Put is followed by many Kiwis, because Valerie Adams represented New Zealand at the 2012 Olympic games, in London. A lot of people thought she was going to win a gold medal. But Nadzeya Ostapchuk put the shot further and got a score of 21.36 meters. Fortunately for Valerie her rival tested positive for steroids, and Valerie got her gold in the end.
If you haven't participated in Shot Put before, well you're about to learn. Here are some of the rules:

Standing in the circle is where you start.
When the shot has landed you are allowed to exit
If you walk out at the wrong place or time, you are disqualified.

There are two putting styles involved in Shot Put. One of them is the Glide, and the other is the Spin. A very common technique is the glide, and is not really used by beginners, (people that have just started learning Shot Put).

Keeping the shot below your shoulders is what you have to do. Getting a good throw is what you will want, so pushing the small metal ball at about forty degrees makes the ball go fast, and far, not too high, and not too low.

Good luck for when you start participating in Shot Put.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shot Put Tutorial - by Calvin

Shot put is a event of track and field. For people who aren’t that keen on shot put and want to know how to step your game up. Use the following text to help you.

In shot put shot put there is a technique called glide.In glide you stand at the backwards and rotate 160 angle and then release.

There is another technique only males can use, it is called spin or spin style. you stand backwards and rotate 360 degrees using your left leg as a pivot. then use your other leg as a pivot, next rotate  anther 360 degrees, then turn 360 degrese and release the ball. Once the ball has left your finger tips your leg should have touched the floor.

In shot put there is a seven foot circle for you to spin and do your technique. If you stand out of it your put does not count. There is a stop at the front of the circle so you don’t go over the edge.

On the field there is markings of the length if you go out of the boundaries you can fail your first put or your second. if you go past a mark of the other thrower you are winning.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Interview with Valerie Adams - by Kaycee

Thanks to for this image.
Interviewer: Hello, my name is Kaycee and I am really excited to be having the well known tongan, 2 time gold medalist currently living in Auckland, fabulous world champion Shot putter, Give a round of applause for.... Valerie Adams. Hello Valerie!

Valerie Adams: Hello Kaycee

Interviewer: Now Valerie, I’ve heard that there are different spin styles to put the metal ball. Do you use more than one and if you do which ones?

Valerie Adams: I only use one and it is called the glide. It is very common for someone like me. It is not one that would be used for beginners though. Another well known style used by professional men, is the ‘spin’.

Interviewer: Thanks for that. So if you're a beginner don’t use this one. I wonder?...Are there many ways to get disqualified?

Valerie Adams: Yes there are. At the olympics once your name is called out you have to get started on the throw before 60 secs is up, otherwise you're out. Also you must step out from the back and you aren’t allowed to step out of the circle before the push is finished.

Interviewer: Wow. This event has some very strict rules. What do you need to do to train?

Valerie Adams: I probably spend most of the week I have to lift weights to get my strength up. I also have to eat special and the right foods to be able to get stronger.

Interviewer: You must spend a lot of your time with weights. Tell us about your  family?

Valerie Adams: Well, I have 1 brother who is Steven Adams, the basketball player. My mum is tongan and her name is Lilika Ngauamo. My dad is english and his name is Sydney Adams.

Interviewer: THANK-YOU Valerie for this amazing talk and we hope to see you at the next olympics!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Skinks - by Taamai

There are 2 type of lizards that are native to New Zealand, Skinks and Geckos. Tuataras are native too, but they are not lizards.
Their habitats can be anywhere on the seashore, rocky areas, cold places and in the forest  and on the ground. We have to protect the area they live in because skinks are protected.
Skinks have small eyes but can see really well. They have to blink so that their eyes can keep clean and moist.
Sinks are mainly carnivores. They eat insects, spiders and bugs. Sometimes they like to eat fruits from trees.
Skinks have predators like birds and Tuataras. They can run really first to escape their enemies. Skins lose their tail when they are escaping their predators but it grows back.
I am glad that Sinks are protected so that they are in New Zealand for ever.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Skinks - by Timoteo

Skinks are Lizards and they’re Native to New Zealand. They were here millions of years ago. They are protected by law. Tuatara are not lizards, they’re reptiles. Geckos can climb, and skinks can just stay on the ground.

There tails come off  when a predators  grabs them. The tail grows slowly and the colour goes different from the one he had before.The scales look like the one’s  from a fish but their scales are dry.

The food they eat is insects and spiders, and soft fruits. Most of the Skinks are carnivors that means that they eat meat.

When they try to escape their enemies they can run as fast as they can. Tuatara and birds eat skinks.

Skinks are very weird animal.