Thursday, May 26, 2011

Design and Make a Marble Track

This morning Miss Ouano told us that we are having a challenge, I felt really nervous because I might get it wrong.
We had to use 6 pieces of news paper and 1 meter of cello tape to make a tunnel. we had to make a tunnel, and it had to turn once.

We rolled two pieces paper into a tube and cut one hole into the paper, and stick it into another tube. My group went for my idea. my idea was to cut a hole in the middle of a paper tube.

I felt sad that my group didn't finish doing the tunnel, but we went pretty good. We were nearly going to finish our tunnel.

Next time we will do the challenge,we will plan the marble slide and then build it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Presenting in Wellington

“Oh no come on Kingston get your stuff! ” I said to myself. As soon as I was up I went straight to put my uniform on and make my lunch.

On the 19th of May the Pt England Ambassadors went to Wellington and I am one of them. As soon as I got to school I went straight to the office to get my jacket and netbook. As all the ambassadors arrived to school, Mr and Mrs Burt made sure we were all at school and ready to go.

Stopping at the airport made my friends and I happy because we were all really desperate to go on the plane. As soon as the plane departed from the airport my ears started to hurt badly, but as much as I wanted to cry I just put up with it. Anyway on the plane my friends and I logged onto our netbooks and played a game called Burger Space.

“OK troops off the plane now” Mr Burt instructed to us. Soon we were trying to find a cab to take us to the Te Papa Museum, then suddenly we found one. After we had finished exploring the Museum we got ready to go and present our presentation. Before that we had a practice.

Minutes later everybody was in the hall waiting for us to present. I was a bit nervous because there were a lot of people but I still went on and did my job. After we had finished I thought that we had done a good job. We also got to go on our netbooks.

At the end of the day we had explored lots of places in Wellington and done heaps of stuff. We even had lunch at this place. To top everything off at the end of the day we went to a place called the Koru Lounge. It is a place where lots of rich people go and we went in. Everybody in there were surprised to see us in there, so we were lucky.

Suddenly the day started to end and we were just getting ready to go back to Auckland. At the end of the day I had lots of fun and had a good experience.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Swimming, not exactly my favourite sport. But I guess it’s better than staying at school and doing work, plus it’s good exercise. And, maybe we’ll get free time, I thought to myself. Swimming can be pretty fun.... sometimes.

I was sitting on the edge of the pool, with my legs lazily dangling off the edge, when suddenly Mr Marks, our instructor in the big pool said, “Alright,Litia it’s time to get in the pool”. With a splash I was in the water trying to get warm by jumping around a little bit, until I got used to it. With my goggles on, and a powerful push off the wall I was off down the side of the pool.

Yay, I thought to myself as I looked up and saw the end of the pool was so close. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t been swimming for ages,so I was panting and wanted to just flop down and float in the pool. But I had to go back to the end of the line, so with a huge push I was out of the water dripping, and exhausted.

“Go Vivienne,go”, I shouted as I walked back to our line. Sitting down I watched my friends swim as I cheered them on. Whenever one of them stopped halfway, I made sure I kept cheering them on till they got to the end. All of them swum really, really well.

At first I didn’t really want to go swimming, but in the end I actually liked it and was looking forward to the next sessions.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Technology Challenge

When Miss Ouano explained to us that we all will be doing a technology challenge , I was really excited.Also she said that we had to be in a group of three.

The challenge was to make something out of six pieces of new paper that would start from the table and finish on the floor like a bridge. Oh we had to use a small marble to roll it down your bridge , we had to have a curve bit on our bridge as well.

As me , Caroline and Vanessa started thinking about what we were going to do for our challenge, we all came up with different ideas. My idea was to make pipe, I had the same idea as Vanessa. Caroline’s idea was to make a cylinder shape pole and it was fantastic, so we went with her idea.

I felt that my group did a really good job because we all worked together and we never wasted any time. Also we all had something we could do ,we never frighted over anything and we didn’t care that it was ugly. We didn’t care if we lost at least we got the job done and had lots of fun.

If we had chance to do it again I wouldn’t make any changes . Because I liked the way it was before, if we made a new one it will be more harder. It is better to make the same one you made before so you can finish early so it will be easy and you will already know what your going to do .

Vote For The Best Introduction

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I was munching away on my popcorn at the Sylvia Park cinemas then Boom!! Lighting struck down from the Hammer of Thor and blasted the destroyer. But it was like an Immortal so the Destroyer recovers from the attack and fires back.

I used sign language to tell my mum to pass the lollies please She passed the mix of the lollies we got from the lollie part at the cinemas.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Swimming Time

Mr Marks led us to the YMCA Lagoonfor our swimming lessons, as I got more excited, I was definitely hoping that I was in the large pools. Sure enough, I was. I went zooming past as Mr Marks said “go Starford”

It was my turn to get in. My teeth were chattering as I slid into the chlorinated pool, and cold water stung me all over, I was FREEZING!

As I pushed of the wall I went glidding through the water, looking stragiht up at the roof. I golped some water and I started to cough. Finally I reached the end and me and my friends were glad we made it.

“Yay” I said to my friends, we moved on to freetime and we started playing some wrestling im the pool. Mr Marks told us It was time to get out and get changed

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vote For The Best Introduction

Starford has written three introductions. The first 2 introductions try to hook you in with some action, the last one is tries to get the audience interested by saying what he was thinking or feeling. Please vote for which introduction paragraph hooks you in the most by commenting below.

Have you seen Fast and Furious 5? Well myfamily and I went to the Hoyt's Cinemas in Sylvia Park for the Easter holidays,and it was AMAZING!!!!
As the movie started (Fast And Furious 5) I was nervously waiting for my Dad and my brothers to hurry up and bring the pop corn, ice cream and drinks, because I was really hungry! And guess what we were in the X-TREME screen at Sylvia park.

I never imagined that Fast And Furious 5 (the movie), was going to be better the part 1,2,3,4 but unexpectedly it was awesome. One of the best movie I have ever seen! It was definitely a highlight of my Easter Holiday.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vote For The Best Introduction

These are two introductions that are for my holiday highlight writing. But I don't know which one to use. My first introduction gets straight in to some action, my second one is my thoughts and what I felt. Which one hooks you in more? Please comment and vote below.

I screamed louder and louder as we started spinning faster and going up and down more and more. I was having an awesome time at the Easter show, even though it was raining, with my Aunties, my brother,Isara and my sister,Tinei.

All sorts of exciting thoughts were racing through my head as we arrived. I had been to the Easter show once before, with my Mum , and could still remember some things, like the awesome rides and the stinky farm animals, so I couldn’t wait to get in there again.

Room 17 Have Been Having Swimming Lessons