Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reflection on Using Netbooks using The Thinking Hats

 Complaining from my cousins is all I hear from them. Why? Well because at their school they have to use the boring paper and pencils. But luckily for me I get to use a netbook which is much easier to handle.

 Instead of nagging everyone and reading boring books. Just type in keywords in Google and you’ll find lots of different and interesting things about your subject. Not only that but you learn faster too. It’s portable and convenient too.

Not everything is good about netbooks. For instance, once you've broken you have to pay heaps of money to repair it.

  The netbook makes learning much easier in so many ways. For example, when you want to erase your work, you don’t have to tire your arm out. With a click of a button it just goes away. Collecting information is faster and easier too.


 Only if it had photo booth, iMovie, hyperstudio and garageband, these few little tweaks would make this the best learning tool ever!!! 


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reflection on our year With Netbooks

Here at Pt England, all you hear about are netbooks, netbooks, netbooks. This is because it is a very important learning tool we use from years 5 and up.


Learning is easier now that we have netbook. I mean, I can share my work with the world just by posting things on my blog. This is a good thing because then my family could see it too. Another reason netbooks are so cool is that you’re not cutting down trees to make them.

Unfortunately there are bad things like small screens. This causes reading tiny writing sometimes hard. But luckily we can make it work but enlarging the page.

Also, making movies is very hard on our netbooks. As our school is creative, movie making is something we should be able to do on something we use everyday. Not just on the imacs.

With a few little tweaks, this could be the most amazing working tool every school should use(if they could afford it). Probably making the screen bigger or adding movie making apps and animating programs would make it so much better. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Yr6 interpretation of Dr Hook's song - Walk Righ In

Thinking Hats Reflection on Netbooks 2012

At Pt England school everyone from year 5 to 8 know about netbooks.

Having a netbook makes everyone's learning a lot faster. We don’t just work at school, we can also continue on our work at home and on the weekends too.

Sharing our work is now a lot easier with our blogs and netbook. We can share our anything with the world. Sometimes they even give us ideas of how we can improve our work.

Something not so good about the netbooks is that it is quite hard to draw. Also many people think that the screens are too small and I agree.

One thing that the netbook should have is a movie editor. It would be good to have one so that we could make movies at home and at school without going on the Imacs. It should also have a mouse so that we can draw things quicker and easier.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Year 6 Camp - by Tyla-Marie

After a long hike up the biggest mountain I've ever seen, I was so glad to see water. But then again not. Why? Because it made me need to do some personal business.

 The last few minutes of lunch time had come to an end. Luckily we were going back to the camp-site to have dinner. But the other downside was hiking all the way back up and down the mountain. As the track came to an end without getting changed or putting my water shoes on I ran straight to the wharf.

 “Tasi, lua, tolu, fa, yeah buddy”, my sister,(my best friend Nita) and I chanted as we jumped. Up the stairs and off the wharf, went me and Nita like about more than twenty times. Our time had finished and it was time for dinner. Without a doubt I was straight to the shower.

 thinking about the next day while having my dinner, I just couldn't wait to have dessert. What a tiring but fun day to start camp.