Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cool Kiwis

Some birds can soar through the sky- Kiwi's can't.
Lot's of birds have Lot's of beautiful colours and a tail- kiwi's don't.
There is even one bird that can swim in the freezing ice caps of Antarctica!- A kiwi certainly wouldn't do that.

It's not that they're small, the average size is about the same width of a rugby ball. The smallest of these species is much smaller than a foot ball. It is called the little spotted one and it lives on island where it is protected, Kapati Island. Some kiwis are quite big in size. The largest of them stands at 45 cm tall. It is called the great spotted one.

I suppose you wouldn't call Kiwi's beautiful after all they are just dull brown. Their plumage is stiff like dog hair, but the most ridiculous thing of all, is their bill. I mean it is longer than 15cm. Imagine being up close yo that cheeky bird. "Ouch" I think then you would of tasted how much strength a kiwi has in it's bill.

Many people think these boring kiwis don't have wings. To tell you the truth, they do have wings. If you put your hand through their dense feathers, you will see a small wing. It is the size of your pinky. The reason why they are flightless birds is because they are to heavy.

People may think that kiwis are useless. But in fact they are really good runners. Rumor has it that kiwis can out run a human being! How cool is that Kiwis use their bulky strong legs to dig up burrows for their eggs. I wonder how Kiwis have muscular legs.


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