Saturday, August 28, 2010

Israel Folau

Israel Folau is a talented player that is 21 years of age. He use to play for the cheating team as everyone knows Melbourne Storm, then moved to my former best team the Brisbane Broncos, but now plays for the almighty Queensland.
His height is unbelievable for his age. His strength and shear force would be enough to stop a raging bull from running at him. He is centre which has a jar full of speed and agility.
He is one of my favourite players because he always finds a way to get over the try line even if he has to step,swerve and bump his way.
Moving from the Melbourne Storm was a good idea because if he stayed with them for a little bit longer he would not have been able to compete for the title for a year. Which would of stunk badly. He is one of the centres that I admire. He is mighty and he is ISRAEL FOLAU!!!!!

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Crusader said...

Hey Matthew
What a great post about "ISRAEL FOLAU". My favourite playe is Akuila Uate and my favourite team is The New Castle Knights. I am a NSW Supporter. Anyway your post has lots of interesting vocab like swerve. Keep up the great work.