Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fat'u Feu'u Flax prints Stage One

Miss Muliamasili handed out sheets of paper divided into four pieces then Miss M instructed us to sketch four paintings from Fat’u Feu’u. After we had sketched all four Miss M then told us we had to enlarge so then Miss M gave us another piece of paper to enlarge one of our sketches and either Miss M or Miss Ouano . Then we had to get a felt and over line the sketch's it had to be done perfectly. My art was made in 1990 / 2000 it was made from Oil on board, wood, ceramics, sennit. It is a metaphor of Pacific warriors looking for land to people the pacific, in sailing canoes, taking their culture as they travelled.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Should we have one T.V free day per week?

I think we should all have , one television free day per week . There are many reasons for this.
This can give you a better bed time for school the next day, and will give you more family time to have fun with them .

Firstly if you turn off your T.V once a day per week, you will get to bed earlier and be ready for school the next day. You can also do great work in class and give your teacher a happy day.

Secondly you would be able to have, more time with your family to have fun . You could go to the movies with them and watch a movie together .

I believe that turning off your T.V once a day would be a good idea. Don’t you?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Should Kids be able to buy junk food?

I think that kids under 12 should be able to buy junk food. There are many reasons for this, one if a kid gets given some pocket money he/she would most likely buy junk food. Also a kid could practise spending money by buying junk food. They would be able to make their own decisions, and they would be ready for the future.

If their was a law that says children under 12 can’t buy junk food unless with a adult, some fast food outlets would lose their customers and could be shut down for not having enough money to meet their needs. Also, if children eat junk food they can get big and strong for physical sports.f

Kids can enjoy what they are eating not like when kids eat vegetables. Like when some kids aged 11 go to Hoyts they won’t be able to buy snacks, for the movie that want to watch. Even though junk food is not healthy people still buy it because it tastes great is cheap and because they like it.

I think that under 12s should still be able to buy junk food, don’t you?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Courtyard Makeover

In our group we have been looking at some of the things to redesign our courtyard.
In my group we decided to put in a basketball hop.We are putting in a basketball hoop so that more people will play in our courtyard.Instead of getting a blackboard with the basketball hoop on it we could just paint a blackboard on the wall and,get a hop that is really strong and it will not break.

We also wanted to add about 3-4 picnic tables to sit on and eat our lunch on and also because some times when we sit on the deck it has prickles.

We also thought of having sun shades as a shady area.We wanted sun shades because it will look good and when it is hot it will keep us nice and cool.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maths Strategies

In the Hexagons group for maths, we have been using a strategy called COMPENSATION and this poster shows you how to do this strategy and when to use it.
Click on the picture to get a closer look at it

Partly Cloudy Film Review

The main characters in the short film Partly Cloudy are clouds and storks.
Where this story begins is in a place where you'd never imagine up high in the sky where the clouds are.
The story starts by showing the storks delivering puppies, babies and kittens. Then it shows a grey cloud there are other clouds that are more whiter. The grey cloud can't seem to create nice things like the other clouds. The stork that the grey cloud has is sort of scared of the things that the grey cloud makes.
In the end the grey cloud gets left behind by his stork then the grey cloud makes up a storm. He see's his stork with the other clouds and begins to cry then his stork comes back but this time he has something to protect himself.

I'd give this anamation a 7 it is funny in some ways but sometimes sad.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bigger Better Faster Stronger Technology Project

Room 17 are trying to redesign the courtyard to make it Bigger Better Faster Stronger. Here is Donyae's design

We have chosen to attach a basket ball hoop to the wall in the courtyard so the other kids can play with it and they can shoot some hoops. We need it because the school doesn’t have enough Basket ball hoops. We have found a supplier and the price

The next item that we are going to install is a security camera so people won't steal some things from the courtyard. We don't want to get robed again.We have found security cameras from Trinity CCTV for $899.00 for a whole set.

We are going to put a bench in our courtyard so we can have our lunch and morning tea.The school needs it because there are not enough chairs for the kids to sit on.We have found school

Thursday, June 23, 2011


The name of the short movie I am reviewing is Oktapodi.
The cartoon Oktapodi was filmed in Greece, the film had a lot of funny parts .
The characters are the chef that works at the restaurant, and 2 octopuses that stayed in a water tank.
Most of the time the octopuses are apart from each other.The main message is never ever let go of the ones you love so much. I would like to show my family and friends this cartoon because it is about 2 octopuses in love.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Extreme Makeover Courtyard Edition

This week my class Room 17 get to redesign our own courtyard because, right now our courtyard doesn't really look like a normal place to play in. We get into pairs which makes it even better. I am in a team with Rita.

This is my team's forst design. We might modify it later as we get more information.

Me and Rita have chosen to add a Basketball hoop. We have chosen this because we want more kids to play in our courtyard. The second thing we have add was a garden. We like gardens because it looks beautiful and sometimes it smells nice. We think that planting flowers makes our courtyard more beautiful and might even bring more people to our courtyard.Picnic tables. We need picnic tables because on our deck we have prickles that sometimes go on your bum. We think that if we have picnic tables that no more prickles would came on our bum anymore.

I think we need a basketball hoop, Plant and Picnic table. This helps us to get more people to think that our courtyard is a cool place to play in. Basketball hoops is fun to play, Plants look pretty and picnic tables have no prickles

We were all like builders, we find out most of the prices off our ideas. Some of my ideas were found on trade me. Some off us even emailed the place to see if no one has bought it. One off the things me and my partner did was emailing Mr Jacobson. At the end I hope it goes out wonderful.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fatu Feu’u Kite Designs

Every Friday Miss Muliaumaseali’i has been coming to our classroom to do some art with us. We have been drawing some designs from a Samoan painter and his name is Fatu Feu’u. Today we are going to print them on a Kete and I am going to tell you about my design.

My design is a flower with an arrow under it. I have draw some of my own stuff on it some I don’t know if I have ruined it so you can comment on it and tell me what you think about my design.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Design Technology Project

Room 17 is redesigning our courtyard. The following paragraphs are about what Brooklyn and I have designed so far:

Me and Brooklyn chose to put a basketball hoop in our courtyard because we think it will a be really fun. We also chose a basketball hoop because the courtyard is very boring and so more people can hang and play basketball. The price for the basketball hoop is $45 and the website to get it from is Sports

I also got a backboard because if we bought it separate we could bolt it together. We could get the bolts from where my dad works at, EDL Fasteners. It costs $248 which is pretty expensive. Sports is where got it from.

There is a website called because that is where you could drinking fountains. Our courtyard needs a new drinking fountain because the the one we have now is too small. It doesn't say the cost but I got lots of photos of the taps we want.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Extreme Makeover Courtyard Edition

Room 17 is working through redesigning the courtyard outside our room so that more children want to play there.

We have sent survey forms to other classes and have been researching on the Internet. We have found a lot of interesting stuff.

We have wanted to replace the grass areas with concrete so that it could become a mini courtyard so that people can play and have fun. What I want is for the concrete to be nice and thick so that people can play games. I'd like to have it so people can play cards on the courtyard because in the breeze it to crowded and sometimes people flick it and then you lose. A 25 kg bag cost 8.50 we are still thinking whether we could possibly do or not.

We are going to possibly put in a basket ball hoop but we would have to bolt it in. I want to have a basketball hoop because then I can play basketball with my friends. It will be fun and when I have nothing to do I can play basketball. I am still trying to find information about the basket ball hoop.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Serena and Moala's Courtyard Designs

We are redesigning our courtyard.
Our first idea is to put some fake mushroom chairs in our garden. We chose it so we can sit and eat our lunch.We need them so we can not sit on the deck. We found Mushroom chairs at Bed Bath and Beyond for $130 each.

Our second idea is to put log seats in the corner of the courtyard. We like them because it is just better for ouryard because more people can sit on them.We found one from the country log chairs it is $60.00 each.

Our third idea is to put up a basketball hoop. We chose it so we can play with it every day if we are bored.We need it because there are not enough basketball hoops in our school.We found it in the basketball hoops store they are 212.00 each.

What we have found out.
We had found out to concrete the whole courtyard smootly cost $7-8000!!!!!

We truly think that the parents should come and help so it can be more cheaper than paying a builder.