Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mathew R's Holiday Highlight

We have been learning to write recount introductions that hook in, and orientate our audience.
Check out Mathew's introduction and see how he has done this:

The Invader!

Have you been on the brand new Hell Chasing Invader at Rainbow's End?
It twists your body round the world, and is a spine busting, neck breaking ride.
I was terrified about the ride, but had to carry on with my brothers. I was stepping into my seat when my brother freaked me out with his eyes, because he knew I was scared. But too late, the man in charge pushed his index finger on the button - and we were off!!


Miss Garden said...

Well you certainly hooked me in Mathew! I really like the way you started with a question, and then you hyped up the ride by describing it as "spine busting, neck breaking".
Miss Garden

Manaiakalani said...

What a fantastic introduction you have written Matthew. You have made it very clear to me that I NEVER want to go on that ride!! But you have no doubt made it very enticing to all your readers who DO like scary rides.
You animation is fabulous. Did you make it in Hyperstudio?
Mrs Burt

Gabriel said...

I wonder if the invader is scary? I will make sure I go on it. That was a great animation Matthew R.


Kayde said...

Hi Matthew,

You really had an amazing animation and you put all of your skill into writing the amazing hook.But actually looking at your spine crushing animation, people will look more on your movies. You must of put a lot of effort into making this fantastic Animation.I wish to more and more from you in the future and as the role moddle as a year seven.Keep up the good work and animations Matthew.

From Kayde