Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Captain Cook Comes To New Zealand

We have been researching what it was like for captain Cook when he first came to New Zealand. He met a new and strange people, who lived very differently to the way he had been brought up in Britain.
Have a look at what we found out.


Kayde said...

To Kids,

Nice movies and recording. That was a great bunch of animations.I am looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.

From Kayde.

Tracy Traylor said...

Wow! Great movie! I wish I had learned how to make movies like this when I was your age! Great job you guys, keep up the good work!

Room16 said...


What a great movie you guys made there. That movie is the coolest movie I've ever seen. I hope I see some more great movies from you guys. Good-bye for now....Miracle