Sunday, January 17, 2010

Matthew's 2010 Reflection

Finally the week has come. After days and days of waiting,its come to an end.
Its the last week of school,every childs favourite week. But I am going
to miss school,especially all the hard work i did for my school work

One theme that was hard but a bit awesome was writing. Looking back at term
1s writing and looking at it now,makes me feel proud. My writing has
really improved from last time and I’m really happy.

The next theme is maths, my favourite subject. Each term we have been
learning some thing different,which helps us kids out a lot. Well it has
really helped me out!(I am at the level AM which is a year 7 grade)

What has been the most awesome thing to do this year was going to camps.
Especially Camp Bentzon,it was the hardest camp,well for me it was.
Mostly because I came home with scraps and scratches all over me. But
camps help us to learn things that we need to.

I think the 2010 year at Pt England school has been pretty cool,to be
honest. Ive enjoyed this year. Lets see what next year has installed for

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