Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jeyan's Birthday at the Pools

It was a great 10th birthday!
All my friends came to my tenth birthday. It was really cool that all my friends came to my birthday.
After the pools me and my friends were walking back to my house. We had a feed. After the feed we played hide and seek.


Miss Garden said...

An exclamation is a great way to begin a "wow" introduction.
When I read your first few recount sentences I am a bit distracted by the repeating of some words. Perhaps instead of using "my friends" again, you could use the pronoun "they".
I'm glad you had a great birthday Jeyan.

Kobe said...

Happy 10th bithday Jeyan! Did you have fun when you played hide & seek? it looked cool.

Awhina/Andrew said...

Happy late 10th birthday Jeyan

That was a very good animation about when you went to the pools for your birthday.What did you get for your birthday? I hope you had a great time playing with your friends. What games did you play? We are very happy that you had a very good birthday.