Monday, October 24, 2011


Albatross are unique birds. Watch my presentation to learn about an Albatross enemies while still an egg, young chick, older chick and an adult.


Toreka said...

Hi Vivienne!
I really liked your presentation about the Albatross. I learnt a lot about that. I remember learning about that when I was in Rm 17 too. Hope you had fun creating the presentation. Well done!


Belle said...

Hello Vivienne,

Very nice presentation, I did not know much about the albatross, but now I know lots more. Keep the good work up.

From Belle

Jenna Reynolds said...

Vivienne, that was so interesting!
I did not know much about albatrosses before. I am a college student in Alabama, so I have definitely never seen one either! It sounds like rangers have an important role in protecting the birds all throughout their lifecycle. You did a very nice job as well using Google presentations! Keep up the good work!