Friday, September 23, 2011

Polar Bears

Polar Bears lives In Arctic Ocean, they are the Largest Bears in the world.
The Polar Bear lives on ice and along the Shore.

The polar Bear has a very thick coat that keeps him warm.They walk with four strong legs with bumps on their paws for a grip on the ice.

Polar bear cubs live with their mum for about two and a half years. His mum protected him, even taught him how to hunt food.

Polar Bears hunt seals for their main food,The Polar Bear waits until the seal comes up and takes a breath through the little hole in the ice. And when the seal breaths, the Polar Bear gets the seal with his long sharp paws, and throws him to the surface of the ice.

One Polar Bear that lived in the zoo lived for 41 years.A Polar Bear that lives in the wild lives for 20 years.

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