Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rugby World Cup Opening

If you went into downtown Auckland, you could probably hear people yelling GO ALL BLACKS or GO TONGA!!!!!!!!!!!! We arrived at the queens warf and a swarm of people were crowded around the big screens showing the inside of the cloud. " We're nearly there!!" I said to my mum. Every where you looked you could see black, red and white. It would take a while until the fireworks would go off and then the All Blacks vs Tonga game would start but I was still excited.

We walked around and waited in sub way for our dinner until finally we got back to our spot and the intro started for the Rugby World Cup. It looked so cool and I wished that I was there. I was watching until I saw fireworks coming off the balcony of an apartment. BOOM!!!!! The fireworks had started, filling up the sky with colourful lights and smoke. It was truly spectacular. I took noticed that these stupid men were hopping onto the roof of a shop. One of the men was dancing until he fell through one of the vents. The opening was over and we went back home, only to find out that the All Blacks won 41-10. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!

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