Friday, November 4, 2011

Willow Park Camp

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived, it was Riverside camp at Wilow park. I had all my things packed and ready to go for an exciting week at camp, I wonder how I will feel down at Wilow park for the first time?

When I was in the bus, it was very hot, I was waiting for the doors to open for some nice fresh air. Then finally we have made it there, I had sweat coming down from my head. I ran out before every body and sat down waiting for what task we are doing for today.

The team I was in was with Luke, our group name was Fist Pumpers. My most exciting day of the week was the food fights with our team leaders. It was revenge for me, and my time to shine by throwing sponges at every body.

I’ve liked my holiday at Willow park for the first time, and thanks to Miss Bush I went. I’m so looking forward to the next River Side camp.

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austin said...

You look cool on your scooter when you took that photo it is enpreseve