Friday, March 26, 2010

Unaloto at Camp

This camp was even better than last years one. Camp let me tell you about it.

On the first day at camp we went racing down to Skate landby van. Skate land was amazing,we had lots of time, some of us even got to go there for free.There was races and we got to learn how to skate.I kept on falling and at the end my knees was covered with bruises.
At the concert we were all nervous and we were shaking with excitement. Its like that our bones was trying to escape out of our mouths.We all tired our best but sadly my team, True Flavours, lost, but we were all right with it.
Camp was really fun,we did almost everything in two nights and three days. It was just last week, when we were paddling kayaks. I was lucky I got to drive the Mr Malloy's boat. You could hear the loud engines roar. If you hold on to the stirring wheel, you can feel that it is vibrating.
My highlight was skating, but it was all pretty good.
Bring on the end of year camp!!!


Room 17 Student said...

Wow I can see you really like camp,Im not to keen on getting bruise's on my knee's, but skate land sound's fantastic,just like you I cant wait for the camp at the end of the year either

By Shawn

Joshua said...

Hi Unaloto,
I really like the way you tried to try and make your audience be interested in your story .Tino Pai. You could do another post and make it even better!!!>
Keep up the hard work.
God Bless.

By Joshua.

Crusader said...

Hi Unaloto
I liked the way you used good vocab. Skate land was fun and camp to.I cant wait till next years camp to it was really fun aye. Keep up the good work Unaloto.