Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shawn shares his highlights of Day One, Camp Kindness

"Yay", everyone thought as we began the day with orienteering.

My team name is TLC. Wedesday the 17th of March is the day we start camp! "Yeah". With no doubt in my mind I was sure every one at camp loved everything so far (but no one more than me).

As we raced around to find the next clue some people ran, some walked or even jogged, but who ever was doing it had a little bit of fustration or if not, the happiest feeling in the world in their minds.

We reached our destination and set our compass to where we wanted it, only to find out we have already been to this location. So at the speed of light we sprinted our hearts out and ran to our last location just to hear the sound of Mr J's trumpet sounding through out the whole school.

The next thing my group did was camp cooking. But there was a twist- we had to stir the mixture with our hands. So we washed that part of our body under the freezing cold water and returned to marquee for dough mixing. A couple of minutes later we got to cook this delicious food called damper. As we were cooking this food the flame of the fire rose and fell as the wind and rain combined to blow the fire as we cooked.

Coming to the end, our freshly made food became ready as the flame kindly cooked our food for us."Finally" "Eat" "Yay" People shouted out as we ate and swallowed fresh damper straight from the burning hot fire.

But the highlight of the day for me was kayaking, because even if you didn't get to go out on the sea first, you still get to swim in the water, or stay on the land and squish your way past the mud. I waited and waited and finally I got to go out. Once I did I went every where. Twice I almost capsized and fell into the water head first. But luckily I didn't I was able to control myself and the kayak.

Then I returned to the shore to head back to Pt England.


Gabriel said...

To Sean,
I really liked your story about the first day of camp.I hoped you enjoyed it.I really hope you enjoy tommorow as well.

From Gabriel

joseph said...

Hey Shawn, what a great story you wrote even though I couldn't understand all the information! What you said but I still know it's a good camp highlight.
Your pal Joseph

Miss Walker said...

Shawn, This is an excellent post. I
was away from Pt England most of the day and was so interested in knowing how things went. I have never been here for a camp before so I had lots of questions and you answered alot. Can't wait to read about day 2. I am interested especially in the rock climbing.