Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Week at Camp

When ever do you get to sleep and spend time with your friends alone?Well, I got to do those two things on our second camp for school. It was called Camp Kindness .

My group started their second activity,it was rock climbing. Some people were excited because it was their first time, some people said it was their second time. First we had to be told how to put our harnesses on.
Step.1 put your legs through the blue hole and pull the red strap up to your waste, Step.2 tighten every thing make sure that it is not lose.
Our team helpers had to put on a harness on so they can hold us while we climb up the wall.

Do you ever get frightened on stage?Well,on Thursday it was time for our team item. I was hoping that my team were not first. My hope came true!The first group was T.L.C ,Kind Crew then True Flavours and Soul Squad, that was my group. I got frightened on stage.As theConsiderators got called up on stage ,people came up with rubbish bins,pots and brooms. Some people were laying down next to the bins.First the people with the brooms came and made the beat ch ch ch ch. Then the most exciting part was the drummer's. I thought they were the best! After 15 seconds every one joined in and Crusader went to the back where nobody could see
him,He said 1234 people if you want some more say oh Considerators we yelled out oh Considerators. The most hilarious part was the people with wooden spoons they were banging the pot and made the sound' ping ping ping'.

do you ever say that you can't bowl a ball?Well when we got to AMF ten pin bowling I was just about to tell Miss Squares that I didn't want to play but I had to, we walked inside and Miss Squares had to talk to us she said if the bottom of your shoe is black stand on the right side the walk way.They had to put on bowling shoes ,we had lane 1234and5 to our self we had light brown bowling balls so we wouldn't drop them. One time it was my turn again I ran with the ball and bowled it but Iwent on the slippery part and I slipped. I really enjoyed my groups activity's that we did I can't wait till next years camp.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tyla I really like your story and I enjoyed reading it and didn't get board . Have a great year and keep writting up some great docs.