Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Camp Kindness

As I come back home , groaning how tried was I hear " Kayla come here". "The me about Camp Kindness

I thought Orienteering was the most cooperative activity.We paired up to listen to Mr Jacobson talking.Then we set off for our first journey.At first I found it very confusing and difficult, but in the end it was OK , even though I didn't get it right . It was still fun.

Later on our group had camp cooking . The girls and boys split up so all the girls would be off baking and all the boys went off with a different teacher. We made these sponge cakes with pink food colouring covering it all witch is cover in coconut bits. I found out that it was Delicious.We didn't taste it ,a couple of adults quickly took one of these delicious tasting deserts,and told us how beautiful they were .

The next day we went rock climbing. I had a stab of fear shoot through my chest , as I stared climbing the wall. I had to wait at the top as I got there for the other showing person . He was in a perfect situation. It took him about one minute and a half. eventually he got to the top . The worst part was getting down . I swung from side to side .When I got down to the bottom my legs were shaking in terror. Then after every one had a turn at climbing that wall we split into groups. I went with Miss king and we climbed a wall called Jack 'n' the bean stalk . That wall was the hardest to me, because the obstacles were really thin and it would sometimes crack and that made me scared.

At the end of the three full of exciting days I had a great week of half school and half day I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to back next


Talahiva said...

Hi Kayla
I love your story about Camp Kindness.
what was It like at Camp when you did all the fun activties? Was it fun with your group! How did you go in your team Item hope you did well. Were you good at rock climbing did you make It to the top and were you scared that you were going to fall down?

Monica Shaner said...

I loved your camping story! Rock climbing sounded really exicting and so did the cake baking. Keep up the great work!