Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Camp Kindness: Day One

Would you believe it - it is finally Wednesday March 17th and we can all go on camp!

We have so many exciting experiences to write about - where to start?

First some thoughts from Matthew from the 10 pin Bowling Alley:
"STRIKE! “Yes I got a strike!”I said to myself out loud. "34 points on the chart for me, I'm taking the lead by 10 points!" After that round it was my turn again. Another strike! 44 pins knocked down in all my turns.

Now it's the seventh round; flipped seven pins out of ten! I'm still taking the lead, but only by 13.
Unoloto cought up. He only needed 1 pin bowled over to catch up to me.
"Fantastic” Miss Va’afusuaga said to Unoloto.

Finally it's the last round to finish off the game.
I came in second place out of the whole of True Flavours. My score...113.

Way to go Matthew!

More of our class have posted their experiences on their own blogs.

Check out this one from Angela, and this one from Ala, and this one from Mubasshira!

Have a read of Joe's day....
Wednesday the seventeenth of March 2010.
Today is the very first day of camp of the year. We have done roller skating, rockclimbing and ten pin bowling. I think the best one has got to be ten bin bowling!
At rockclimbing I made it up on the beanstalk in 29 seconds, but I lost by two people. One person beat me by 28 seconds and the other person made it up in 22 seconds!
Roller skating was a little sore but it was great fun.


Kayde and Mateo said...

To Matthew and Joe,

Wow that was a super great day that you have told us.You had a great experience just like me and Mateo.We are from the soul squad and today we wen't to Rock climbing, Roller skating and Ten pin bowling to.We had lots of fun and we only had to pay 70 dollars for all the enjoyable activities.Mateo really shined when he got 146 in total in 10 pin bowling.Have two more days of fun.

From Kayde and Mateo.

Erene Tuala said...

Hi Campers!!!!!
Matthew must be really good at bowling. 113 is such a big score compared to Erene (96). As for me I really enjoyed Bowling, and all the other activities too ( except for "Skateland", I kept falling over).
From Erene

Awhina said...

Well the first day I went to camp I was feeling so happy that we were going to ten pin bowling first then rock climbimg then skating. When we went skating, the first time I skated it felt wobbly then I started to get the hang of it. We had heaps of fun playing the games. Most of the time Pesi and Starford and Nezinli were winning. When it was time to do freestyle games Chris was the most stylist person. Guess what Mateo was the winner on ten pin bowling. Our group was clled the Soul Squad.

Tule said...

My first day at camp was cool.The main thing I liked doing at camp was playing at skat land.
my 2 one was doing rock climbing.
It felt liked you were going to fool
on rock climbing
and on skat land some people was starting to fool.


Nezinli said...

To Matthew and Joe,

I know how it feels at skate land but its easy to me and I really enjoyed playing and I was really chuffed about it.I really had fun at rock climbing and I was doing quite good at it and i am sure that you done good there to.I wonder if use got any strike when use where playing 10 pin bowling and i am sure that use had done better than me.

From Nezinli

Tyla said...

WOW guess what its finally the day I have been waiting for it is CAMP KINDNESS,the groups names were True flavours,Soul squad,Team spirit,Kind crew,T.L.C,and also the Considerators. The day camp started the Soul squad went to Ten pin bowling then rock climbing then skate land. My first favourite place we went to was rock climbing even though my fingers were hearting then it went skating and ten pin bowling. At skating I kept falling

Michael said...

Hi Campers,
My favourite part today at camp was kyaking. I am looking forward to rock climbing.

Chanel said...

At camp I had the best day of my life because I went kyaking with my group called Kind Crew, it was fun!
By Chanel

Gabriel said...

To Matthew,
I really liked your writing about day one.You must be a good bowler because you knocked down 44 pins!

From Gabriel

Miss Walker said...

Wow, what a fanatastic day. I bet you all sleep really well tonight. Can't wait to read about tomorrow.

Shawn said...

Wow what a fantastic event of activities and energetic three days of camp.Im sure just like you every one would agree that that loved camp as well what a super story keep up the good work and have heaps of fun
from Shawn