Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Native Maori Food Sources

Have you ever tasted native food to New Zealand before ? Well if you have than you will know how great it is. Food isn't really too bad. Actually the way it tastes so good is probably because the food is stored nearby in a whare up high to keep it away from all the polluted rats and dirty pests.

Food in the land of New Zealand has the likes of bird, fish and lots more including Vegetables,especially food to do with meat. For the Maori people, Kai or food is like a blast to them. If they gave me something I really didn't like I thought it would of been rude to turn down one of their best offers they had to give.I'm just not one of those guys who's so disrespectful.

The first thing I witnessed was a great big pile of dead birds, I was really frightened but i knew we're going to eat them. A blooded trap filled with two hooked birds lowered from the hugest Totara tree I have ever seen in my entire life. The kaumatua or chief of people told me it was Dinner. Ewe, birds for dinner.

It was now time to feast on a traditional thing that people call a Hangi. It was now excatly 6:30pm, I could tell from the sunset. Time to eat! One thing I hated was the vegetables. They were covered all with dirt, but on the other hand the one thing I hated on the first day is the thing I really liked tonight. The fish I ate was so nice probably because it was stored in the food storage whare. I actully got all the large,juicy parts out of it this time.

I wish that I can come back to this wonderful land of New Zealand. I'm going to miss all the Maori people. I just want one glimpse of the Maori people one more time.

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chanel said...

Hey Kayde
What great story you wrote I like how you wrote about eating the fish.That was cool.
By Chanel