Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Camp

Years 5,year6 and year7 just came back from camp last week. It was from Wednesday to Friday
Camp was tiring but great fun in many ways.
One of the best activity's was tin pin bowling it was funny and enjoyable for the team,one of our team leaders scored a strike,then the team went crazy,I almost got all of themdown but I needed two more pins to get a strike.
The second best activity was Kayaking. Kayaking was sore but fun and super cool .When I jumped into the canoe,I just zoomed to the front of the line.One of my captains came and came andsaid"you want a race".I said 'yeah ready,set,go'.so we paddled and paddled all the way to the finish line.We came a tie in the race.I was very tired after that.After camp I really wanted to go have a very long sleep .I was happybecause all the challenges I have done are all mastered.

This is me at rock climbing


Mr J said...
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Mr J said...

Hi Joe
It's great to know that you had a wonderful time at camp. It must be very satisfying for you to know that you mastered all the challenges. I think if you don't go home from a camp very tired then you haven't "lived the camp". It sounds like that's exactly what you did.
The cool thing for you is that you also get to go to Camp Bentzon Yr6 camp at the end of the year. Lots more challenges to be mastered!
Mr J.

Room 17 Student said...

Hi Joe
Camp was a good opportunity for you to participate in great activites that you really liked,unlike you I found mastering challenges a bit difficult have a good camp at the year
all the best

Unaloto said...

Hi Joe I can tell that you had masted all of the activities.

Jeyan said...

Hi Joe
I can tell you had a very great time at camp and doing every thing else

osana said...

Hi Joe it's Osana your sister I really liked your writing because you put a lot of effort in it, and I can also tell that you had a lot of fun at Camp- Kindness.