Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thai Fish Cakes

 Guess what? Last Tuesday, the Extension group made irresistible Thai Fish Cakes for the Lets Cook with Parmco weekly challenge. We were in groups, and made fish cakes for Week 1, which was pretty awesome. It's a very simple dish, full of spices, veggies and FISH!! Did I forget to mention that we had a delicious salad on the side?

I think that it was really easy because even though our presentation looked AMAZING, it was bang on perfect and simple. Although we didn't win last week, I was still proud of all of us.

My favorite part of the process was of course, not  only eating it, but also frying the fish cakes. Just because the cakes were perfectly.

I would really love to cook this dish again for my family because I think that they will enjoy it a lot! Be sure to look out for my blog post about this weeks Marrakech Chicken meal!! And also PLEASE be sure to vote for our school in the comp! :)

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logan tamati said...

Wow that looks yum I wish I had some. Like your blog room 17. :]