Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Darcy Devlin - Book Club

Darcy Devlin dreams about being a private investigator. He always keeps his ears and eyes open, and carries a notebook, in case something strange catches his eye. 
This is just what happens. Who is that strange boy who turns up in the same place every day looking shifty?

This is one of the texts in our book club. In Room 17 we choose which book we would like to read and discuss. Feel free to join in the discussion on this blog if you have read Darcy Devlin and the Mystery Boy or want to comment on our discussion. 


Miss Garden said...

Chapter 1
There are a lot of pieces to the Tai puzzle so far. What clues does Darcy have about him so far?

Darcy wants to be a detective. Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

Howard said...

Yes who is the mystery boy his name is Tai ,but what does he do where does he come from and where does he live?

Miss Garden said...

A conversation is one person responding to what the other has said. It wont go far if you merely repeat what has been already said. Think about the questions asked, and answer them.

Miss Garden said...

Chapter 2
Darcy has collected more evidence and clues, but also has more questions.
What questions are there about Tai at this stage?

Do you think Darcy has any right to follow someone around like this... is he snooping?

Howard said...

No I think he didn't have any right following somebody he didn't even know around the town all day.Yes he sure is snooping around and being nosey.

Esrah said...

Chapter 1
He found that his name is Tai.At first he thinks that Tai is homeless or a runaway. When he steals the fruit. But there were to clues to know if he was homeless or not he must.He must of paid for the hair cut the barber was talking about. and the house ???????????

Miss Garden said...

Chapter 3
What do you think Darcy’s purpose is in leaving the bags of food? Do you think there is more than one motive?

Darcy uses the words ‘classified information’, what impression do you think this gives Tai?

I think it is strange that Tai is so quick to invite Darcy to his home. Would you? Why do you think this is so?

Esrah T said...

He was worried that his suspect had no food.

I think he said 'classified
information' to give Tai a clue what he had been doing or what he was or to impress him.

Maybe he had a strange feeling in him so he wanted to get it out of Darcy.
I would not ask somebody to come into my house just like that.

(This is all my opinion )

Miss Garden said...

I wouldn't have thought Tai wanted Darcy to see he was alone. It was a bit strange that he invited the 'almost-stranger' up.

Miss Garden said...

Chapter 4
What do you think it is that bonds Darcy and Tai?

Chose one of your friends, what is it that bonds you?

Esrah T said...

They are both kids, and Darcy always study's Tai So I am sure that Tai has seen Darcy around.And Tai has to be grateful for all the food Darcy had brought to him while he was alone.

I don't really know any of my friends that I can think of that have the same personality.

(Esrah's opinion .)

Howard said...

I think what bonds me with a friend is what we have in common with each other.

Miss Garden said...

Chapter 5
Who do you think should have been responsible for Tai during this time?
If you were Tai, what would you do to make your situation better or to change it?

Esrah T said...

I think that the he should of taking responsibility for himself and tell the barber and the cake shop owner.

Tell someone else like an adult. And I would have opened the door for the hospital man who was knocking.

(Esrah's Opinion).

Howard said...

Yes I agree with Esrah he should have opened the door to the Hospital Man who was knocking.