Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Narrative by Evan

At The Beach
In the holidays I went to the beach with my mum because it was hot sunny day. I asked my friend Kori if he wanted to come. We went in the car and when we got there I jumped in and it was cold. My mum said don't go out far!

My mum went home to get togs for her because she wanted to have a swim to.
Kori didn't listen he went out far He jumped in and it was deep. A wave washed him away I saw something moving in the water and it was going close up to Kori, I told Kori to get out but he didn't want to.I saw Kori panicking and stuff that looks like blood.Kori only had one

I was panicking too I did not know what to do so I jumped in with a chainsaw, I didn’t
want to get eaten. I was mad because he was my friend and he was getting eaten.
I went up to the shark and cut its head off. With the chainsaw.

I rang the ambulance and they came like in 2 minutes. I said to Kori are you ok and
he said no.When my mum came she said what happen I said Kori almost eaten by
a shark.

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Danielle said...

Hi i like how you made the shark bite the persons leg at the beach.From Danielle.