Monday, July 12, 2010

Rugby World Cup

Below is just a brief report on some teams weakness and Strengths. Also key players and their chances of winning the World Cup. Read more to find out about Australia, South Africa and New Zealand

Australian rugby is a well known side for their stand-out players like Stephen Larkham, Stirling Mortlock and George Gregan. They are known for there outstanding attack and kicking. This is why they are in the Tri-nations. They have won a World cup a couple of times, but if they want to do that again in 2011, they would have to improve there scrums.

Scrums for the Kangaroos is a weakness, that showed when they faced England on their 2nd test match. And they lost 20-21. Some say that it's there forwards fitness but others say they put on to much beef. I think that it's fitness. Skipper Rocky Elsom really needs to encourage his boys when the time comes for the cup. Both Rocky and Gituea needs to tell their forward pack to step up.

Elsom has a lot of rookie's that he needs to handle. But with his skill, he can bring them up to world class level in the test matches. Hopefully before the world cup.

In the England and Australian game and the Australian-Fijian game. Adam-Ashley Cooper kept on being shut down when he ran the ball up, So did Giteau. They have a good kicking game. Quade Cooper and Matt Giteau really know how to break the line but if they want to win the world cup they would have to do now and again. There chances are in my point of view would be 8/10 because the Springboks forwards can smash the Australian forward pack.

You don't need to say much when you hear the words "Springboks rugby" or "South African Rugby", you would already know who there talking about. World No.2 rugby team Springboks. They are prop ably the best rugby team now because they have made history in 1995 when they had to take on New Zealand in the finals.

Jonah Lomu was playing for the New Zealand team. He was known as a monster when he scored four tries in the semi-final against England (and he was only in his young years of world class rugby). Amazingly, South Africa beat what seemed to be the impossible New Zealand side 12-9 at extra time. New Zealand had a chance to win when it was locked 9-9. They passed the ball to Andrew Merhtons but Mertohns missed the drop goal and so they won. They also won the 2007 world cup.

The Springboks have a lot of confidence when they play. They have a lot of key players like Morne Steyn, Bryan Habana, Victor Matfield, Joe Peterson, Wynand Oliver and BJ Botha. These players are the skippers, the magic men of this side. Victor Matfield is a really good Captain and he knows when to speak up on, and of the paddock. Matfield is one of the oldest and most experienced South African athelete for rugby. He plays with great dignity and he also works hard until the last second of each match.

The South Africans Skipper Joe Peterson had a good season when he was playing for the Bulls. He was a player that knows how to break the line and find gaps now and then. Missing vital tackles for him is impossible because he has such a good tackling technique. Bryan Habana and Morne Steyn is one of the greatest combinations that is known for try-scoring and line breaks. Unlike Richie McCaw and Daniel Carter, Steyn is a Five Eighth who kicks at a good pace and possession.

My bets are on the South Africans with all my money because firstly there only weakness is if the opposition passes the ball to the wing. But if your the opposition then be bright and don't go to Habana's wing because he might intercept or just cut you down. So be aware or be in your top shape because your not then they will beat you to the death 50-0 (in my opinion).

New Zealand, is one of THE BEST RUGBY countries in the WORLD. Colin "Pinewood" Meads is the best rugby player in all history. New Zealand are well known for there outstanding attack and defence. But the only thing that puzzles me is that they only one one World Cup in all HISTORY.

Now the All Blacks only have a handful of key players, strengths. Richie and Carter is an elite combination for this side and in my opinion there our only hope to win.

The reason why is because the men that should still be skippers like Rokocoko or Muliiana is not performing as they used too. Joe never breaks the line any more and Malili is a bit off his game. Malili is our ONLY fullback because the rookie Israel Dagg can't play world class like him. Hooker Kevin Mealamu is one of of two people that are over thirty, so he should be as good as Carter or McCaw since he has lot's of experience. Kevin had a good game against the welsh, he was fast at the breakdown and worked hard to recycle the ball.

Nz needs to test the oppositions weakness, and do there homework on other key players. Testing weaknesses is what we haven't done. A key for Nz when they face the Kangaroo's is that they have to use their scrums in order to beat the Australians. Spreading the ball against the Springboks needs to be done. If Nz don't win the World Cup or get to the finals the people would say that that is Nz's last chance. People also say that France MUST take over Nz's place in the Tri-nations if they don't win or become second

The 2011 World Cup is coming up and all teams that has been talked about needs to be ready for every game. If they don't Some other teams from the six nations might whip either one. Every team has an opportunity at the same time as every team has a weakness so what Nz, Sa and Oz needs to do is polish their weaknesss. Good Luck to all teams

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