Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rita's New Ending

We have been learning about the structure of narrative stories and
this is Rita's own ending to Little Red Riding Hood.
If you need a reminder or the story orientation and complication click on this link to see the trailer to our resolution writing.


Room 12 said...

Hi there Rita! I really enjoyed your ending to this well known story! I especially liked the description you used. I had a real image in my head what was going on because of adjectives and adverbs you decided to use.

Would you and your class mind if we used your starter as a prompt with one of our writing groups? We could share what we come up with...

Let us know what you think - email Mrs Bee cbuist@stclair.school.nz

Your Dunedin Fans will keep watching! Keep up the great work!

Ashleigh said...

Hi Rita
I liked your new ending.I also loved your image you drew.It was verry
detailed.Lucky the wolf didn't eat you up.

From Ashleigh

Randella rm6 said...

Randella Room 6,

I love the picture that u took but it would be beter if you had a podcast .Keep p the good work.

Makerita said...

Hi Rita,
You are such a mean artist.
Keep up your super work.


Makerita said...

Hi Rm 12,
Thanks for the interesting comment.It is so long.I love your comment very much.About that question sure it's alright.


Makerita said...

Hi Ashleigh,
Thank-you for the comment.I love your comment as well.


Makerita said...

What's up Randella,
your comment is fantastic for a year two.Keep up your wonderful comments.