Monday, September 14, 2009

Darius' Own Original Nursery Rhyme

All his fans have been waiting and now it is here to share....

Darius has written his own nursery rhyme using the same rhyme scheme and line syllables as the traditional rhyme.


Room10@Ptengland School said...

Hi Darius,
That was a very chirpy nursery rhyme. Your animation was great too. Keep up the great work.

Love Mum

Hossanah said...

That was a very cool show Darius that you have been showing us it was very good.I wish that I can do my own one at school, I should write my own story at home so I can bring to school and read it for our S.S.R reading.My funniest part of that story that you made up was when those people were laughing at the end because it sounded very funny and it made me laugh.Keep that up very nice and neat work. From Hosannah

Darius said...

Thanks for the encouragement Hosannah.

Makerita said...

Hi Darius,
You are really good at making up poems especially for a 9 year old.I hope you keep up your super work.My coolest part of the clip was all the details.My work is not as good as that I think.You are a talented boy from room twelve.Keep it up.

From Rita.

Anonymous said...

Hi Darius,

We enjoyed your nursery rhyme. We're proud of you son.
Love Always. Dad, Fili, Dante and Delsea.

Mrs L said...

Hello Darius

That was a pretty cool rhyme and animation. I liked how you changed the original nursery rhyme and made it sound different and interesting. Well done.

Mrs Lagitupu

Zeldah said...

hey dari!

Loved the poem and animation! good stuff :) next you'll be making clips and movies! hehe

Love zeldah and tyleah!

kris said...

Hi Darius,

You are very creative and I enjoyed your Nursery Rhyme.

Thank You,
Kriston Killingsworth
edm310 University of South Alabama/ Dr. Stranges class