Friday, September 18, 2009

Kingston's Original Nursery Rhyme

Kingston has rewritten his own version of Humpty Dumpty.


Mum said...

Hi Kingston

I had been looking forward to viewing your version of Humpty Dumpty for a while now. I know that you have been practising your rhyme at home and its pretty cool to see it together with your animation. Well done!
P.S. I hope Humpty doesn't drink too much!

Keating Helms said...

LOVE IT! Very creative! Next time though lets have Humpty Dumpty drinking milk. HA

Anonymous said...

What rhymes with milk?

Kingston P said...

That was cool kingston.I like the way Humpty Dumpty drink the milk all up.

Dillon said...

I liked the way that you speaked and also i like your clear voice.
Well done keep it up.