Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hickory Tickory Tesk

Waata has written his own version of this nursery rhyme.


Delwyn Jarman said...

Dear Waata,
Very clever! It must have been heaps of fun writing your own Nursery rhyme.
Was it hard to fit new words into the timing and rhythm of an old poem?
Well done!

Love from Mrs Jarman

Hosannah said...

I liked it how you did your own nursery rhyme. I think you could of make your graphic better by not making your mouse the same colour as your cake because if you put the mouse and the cake together it will look like the mouse is camouflaged.

Room 11 SPS said...

That is a cool animation! Did you make you animation with a stop motion, movie maker, photo story or did you use something else?

SF Room11

Miss Paton said...

Hi Waata,

I liked your nursery rhyme. You were very clever to come up with own version to the old Hickory Dickory Dock Poem and to come up with words that are in time.

Keep up the great work,

From Miss Paton Panmure Bridge School

Jenna said...

Hey Waata,
Very nice job the picture was great and it was really neat how you got the mouse to climb up to the cake. Was it hard to do that? I am looking forward to seeing something else from you!

University of South Alabama
Dr Strage EDM 310 class