Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Lion and the Mouse 2

Studamyer, Logan and Ahsin have retold parts ot this traditional story and put it together in an animation. They were trying to use some of the clever vocab we had talked about when we read the story.

The lion had a big shaggy neck, large jaws, and was king of the jungle.
The minute mouse had sharp teeth and he was so little.
The mouse was searching for food
The Lion woke up and grabbed the mouse.
The mouse said" Sorry I wont do it again".
The lion felt sorry for the mouse
The lion put the mouse on his paws so the mouse could grab the food.
Little mouse said to the lion "One day I can help you"
The big lion laughed "Ha ha ha"at the little mouse.
The mouse heard the lion roaring.
He ran to him and saw the lion was trapped in a net.
“I can help you” he said.
The mouse gnawed through the ropes.
“Thank you for getting me free, I have learnt that it can be good to be small” said the lion.


room2 said...

I enjoyed your retelling of this story, Studamyer, Logan and Ahsin. It is one of my favourites because I like the way it is the little mouse who can help the great big lion. I noticed that you used some clever words in your stories too. :) Ms Donnell

Erica said...

What an awesome story guys! I thought it was very interesting. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing more from you and your classmates! I live all the way in the United States!

Erica Burrell
University of South Alabama Student in Dr. Strange's class

Angel Dixon said...

I really enjoyed your story, so the big lion laughed at the small mouse when he said maybe he could help him one day. Keep up the good work!

Angel Dixon
University of South Alabama student is Dr. Strange's class