Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Robbery - by Jonathan

Last weekends`\\\\\\\\\ I was going to the shop to get some gum. As I walked in the shop I saw a mysterious man, he had a black mask in his hand. It looked like he had something in his pocket. He glared at me and then looked away.  

Paying for my gum as the same man came back with his mask on. He looked at me and “said what you name” and I “said why” because he said. He reached in his pocket and got a gun “give me you manye he said” no said the shopkeeper   it went quite . The man got his gun and shoot it to the shopkeeper the gun missed the shopkeeper he dodged them.

Then the shopkeep jumped up and kicked him on his face. He had a bleeding nose. Then the shopkeeper punching and kicked antille mysterious man got knocked out. The was a xbert at kick boxing and karate.

Then the police came he tried to run but he got tackled.I watched got . And when I got home.          

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