Saturday, October 13, 2012

Skinks - by Faaao


Skinks are lizards. There are other kind of reptile and they are called Tautara and Gecko. Skinks are native to New Zealand. All the lizards in New Zealand are protected by the law.


The skinks in New Zealand has dry scales. They can camouflage to  hide from their predators. Skinks eyesight and hearing are excellent.

Eating Habits

Skinks are mainly carnivores, they eat berries, spiders, and any other insects. They eat anything like berries and meats.


The skinks predators are mustelids, mice, and rats. The skinks can  escape from their predators by letting the them take their tail  and grow another one or they can camouflage or run fast as they can to their homes.


Skink are very important to New Zealand and all the law are trying to protect them from the predators. Skink are native to New Zealand and that why they protect them. When you find a skink you will have to leave it where you found it.

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