Saturday, October 6, 2012

Skinks - by Taamai

There are 2 type of lizards that are native to New Zealand, Skinks and Geckos. Tuataras are native too, but they are not lizards.
Their habitats can be anywhere on the seashore, rocky areas, cold places and in the forest  and on the ground. We have to protect the area they live in because skinks are protected.
Skinks have small eyes but can see really well. They have to blink so that their eyes can keep clean and moist.
Sinks are mainly carnivores. They eat insects, spiders and bugs. Sometimes they like to eat fruits from trees.
Skinks have predators like birds and Tuataras. They can run really first to escape their enemies. Skins lose their tail when they are escaping their predators but it grows back.
I am glad that Sinks are protected so that they are in New Zealand for ever.

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