Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shot Put Tutorial - by Calvin

Shot put is a event of track and field. For people who aren’t that keen on shot put and want to know how to step your game up. Use the following text to help you.

In shot put shot put there is a technique called glide.In glide you stand at the backwards and rotate 160 angle and then release.

There is another technique only males can use, it is called spin or spin style. you stand backwards and rotate 360 degrees using your left leg as a pivot. then use your other leg as a pivot, next rotate  anther 360 degrees, then turn 360 degrese and release the ball. Once the ball has left your finger tips your leg should have touched the floor.

In shot put there is a seven foot circle for you to spin and do your technique. If you stand out of it your put does not count. There is a stop at the front of the circle so you don’t go over the edge.

On the field there is markings of the length if you go out of the boundaries you can fail your first put or your second. if you go past a mark of the other thrower you are winning.

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